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Originally Posted by Wymsical View Post
I thought so. Roserade it is then.

But I'm still not sure on the whole Chansey thing. While Umbreon is lower in both Special and HP, it is higher in Defense and Speed making it more balanced and a slightly bigger defender against the fighting type. It's hard to choose. But I don't see how Chansey's Wish is any different to Umbreon's Wish. Unless I'm getting something wrong here, Wish heals 50% HP no matter who it comes from.
Eviolite Chansey takes hits massively better than Umbreon on both sides of the spectrum. Chansey is arguably the best mixed wall in the game.

Wish mechanics have changed so it heals half the Wish casters HP. Chansey has 704 HP max so it passes 352 HP Wishes aka it will fully heal most anything lol. Umbreon on the other hand only passes 197 HP Wishes. There is one reason and one reason only to Umbreon over Chansey walling wise and that reason is to beat Ghosts with Sub such as Mismagius and Rotom.

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