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Dear Anonymous,

It's really funny how you think you're the center of the universe. You're like the rest of the faceless bodies I once knew; I say faceless because.. there's never been an identity to them. They're molded from obscure and popular culture, like part of the sidewalk, but the part with the crack in it where the ants ravish and weeds grow through. The part you just want to skip over and avoid. The part you avoided as a child because if you came in contact, then you knew you lost. You're not the support, you're the dirty fracture. I guess I also say sidewalk because wet cement, although cold and sometimes still, is still malleable, and I don't believe there'll ever be hope for you to change into someone who will have expression.
What's the point of expression, really, than to use it to communicate with people? Don't kid yourself, you don't communicate: you gloat. You wait for others to chide in to fuel your skewed sense of self esteem brought only by petty self-motivated goals. Goals you can't reach because they're not your own, and they leave you empty and unfulfilled. You're still a child, attempting to start your mistakes over.. and not seeing that you're starting over with what other people have molded you into. But this detachment from everyone is what makes others intrigued. It's not charisma, but rather it is curiosity. You suck innocent people into your sick cycle, and you influence them with your overbearing ideals.. and you make them become just like you while holding you in higher regard.. but that is what you want, isn't it? Custom catered friends in a custom catered reality where you play as some sort of God. Really, though, because of that this isn't just applied to you, but others close to you.. and the bunch of you disgust me. Your friendship is a scam I know oh-so-well, and I am glad I was never close to you. Just know that I will never plan on being close with you or any of the people you falsely care about anytime soon. I will not become fodder for you or your lackeys to consume and expel around your feet.
It is good that I haven't had anything to do with you. And it is good that, to me, you will never be more than just an unwanted thought.
That is all.
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