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ShadyVXKuriboh5's Digimon: Digital Academy is declined.
The idea is on the right track, though you don't spend a lot of time explaining what this new 'evil force' is or what exactly is this special DNA or the other small stuff. Spend less time worrying about the subjects and more time worrying about the back story and storyline, ok?

Conjurer's The Fal Evets is accepted!

ladyshiro's Akabara Chronicles is declined.
Your storyline is simply not enough. Who is this Horned King and how did he rise to power? Bad guys just don't pop out of no where! Who's the Mage King? Why does the Horned King want to kill everyone? You need to go more in depth!

Tauros14's Pokemon: Darkness Arising is declined.
Again, storyline. Why and how did all those teams join up? What exactly did they do to deserve an apposing alliance? When writing these things, keep asking yourself the same questions! Who, what, when, where, why and how! Also, you don't have a rating.
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