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Main Information:
Name: Ludmilla Caruso
Age: 15 (I want to try out being a younger character for once :P)
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 146 lbs.
Location: Seville, Spain.


Nationality: Spanish-English

Atlantean Tattoo: Ludmilla's tattoo is in the form of vine-like lines, starting from the tips of her index, ring and little fingers, before meeting on the base of her palm to create a bigger line that separates in two and makes a complete circle, midway into her elbow. It is red in color.

Physical: Ludmilla is not of any astounding height, though she is particularly slender. She has a muscled physique and light olive skin. She has a flawless oval face with mildly visible cheekbones. Her eyes are a light shade of brown, with tints of black around the pupils. Her nose is small and pointed, and her lips are a dark shade of red, and are fairly wide and thin. Her wavy hair is caramel in color, and reaches down to her waist. She slicks it back with several hairpins, and she braids a chunk of the hair slightly above her right ear, though she lets the one on the left side loose. She has a mole on the right side of her neck. A burn runs up from her right knee to her stomach area, and Ludmilla does everything she can to cover it up.

Clothing: Ludmilla's most common outfit is a plain white dress that shows her cleavage and up. The originally elbow-length sleeves are rolled up and tied with a piece of red cloth on both sides. The skirt part of the dress is just below knee-length, with simple frills that adds additional length to the dress. Although originally the stomach part of the dress is bare, her stomach is not visible because under the dress she wears a tight red-and-gold corset, further defining her slender posture.

Another common dress she wears is a completely red dress, with a similar top area, except that the stomach area isn't bare. The lower area, however, reaches down to just above her ankles. The puffy short sleeves are quite ornamental, with golden threads making beautiful patterns. While wearing this dress, Ludmilla unbraids the lock of hair she has above her right ear, and instead puts on a bold red bandanna--a color identical to the dress's, to hold back her hair. She always wears several thick bangles and ankle bracelets, made of fake gold.

Ludmilla is very outgoing and cheerful, always on the optimistic spectrum of things. She is often seen beaming, and glows with youthful beauty. She carries with her a positive aura, and seems to communicate well with people. She is also very athletic, and is a particularly skilled dancer, especially when she dances to the melodious and rhythmic music of a Spanish guitar.

Ludmilla has never received formal education her entire life, being homeschooled by her mother who has a sub-par knowledge herself, and is fairly oblivious to the world outside of her one-bedroom apartment on the edge of Seville. No thanks to this, she is also fairly naive, and is easily swayed by others' opinions. She is also very fond of singing, though she has been told numerous times that she can't carry a tune in a bucket (that is to say, she can't sing). She will also quickly respond negatively to cussing, since her protective parents had made sure that those words never, ever made its way into the same vicinity as her. She is also a bad liar, and when she is lying it can be easily distinguished by her sudden stutters. She also has a Spanish accent, not surprisingly.

From birth until very recently, Ludmilla has never known much about the world outside her one-bedroom apartment. Her parents are very protective of her, and she has no friends her age. Her mother is a housewife that also homeschools Ludmilla, while her father is a lower-class guitarist that plays on the streets--or, if he's lucky, maybe a lounge or bar when the spot of entertainer is open.

Quite an interesting life story, isn't it? Let's start from the very beginning.

Alexander Caruso and Esmeralda Caruso were blessed twice, in two consecutive years. Frimelda, the older daughter, had been hit by a car when she was three years old, and died on the spot. Ever since her death, Alexander and Esmeralda has been very, very protective of their remaining daughter, Ludmilla. She was never allowed outside their apartment, and when she began to ask why, she was answered with a wave of the hand and a lame reason or another, until she finally gave up. At six years old, when she was the right age to start going to school, her mother announced that she would teach Ludmilla herself instead, so Ludmilla doesn't have to go to school. Again Ludmilla asked why for a while, but after getting an unsatisfactory answer after another, she finally gave up.

A typical day in Ludmilla's life consisted of books and lessons from morning to noon, chores from noon to sunset and then dancing to her father's guitar-playing until she was tired enough to go to sleep. Of course, for most people this would be very boring, but since Ludmilla never knew any fun outside of dancing, she didn't pay it much mind.

When she was thirteen, a fire broke out on their apartment building. Ludmilla doesn't remember much of it, but she did remember that her mother had been taking a nap while she was sweeping the kitchen, and that the fire was from several stories above their apartment rooms. She woke her mother up when the kitchen and living room were set ablaze, but her mother was a heavy sleeper, and Ludmilla never had much strength in her. When she was finally awake, the bedroom had also caught on fire. In a panic, Ludmilla's mother grabbed her hand and tried to take her out of the building. However, Esmeralda Caruso tripped on the emergency stairs and broke her knee. She told Ludmilla to go on down by herself, telling her repeatedly that she will be right behind her after she's done taking care of something. Ludmilla, being the naive girl she is, was convinced and went on down herself, catching the burn that runs from her stomach down to her right knee on the way.

Almost the instant she got out the apartment door, her father came home from work. When he saw the building ablaze, he tried to go in and save his wife, but then realized it was too late, since even the doorway had been ashes by then. By the time firefighters put out the fire, everything above the first floor had been turned into ashes, including Ludmilla's mother.

Alexander Caruso took Ludmilla to his sister's place and they both stayed there since. Since Ludmilla's aunt was a busy lady who owned a flower shop, and Alexander had to work to put food on the table, Ludmilla was allowed to go to school. During the two years there she was able to quickly build up her socialization skills from absolute zero to what it is now.

Ludmilla discovered her ability during winter. She felt a burning sensation deep inside herself while she was walking home from school on a snowy day. Slowly, a tattoo emerged from the tips of three of her fingers and slowly made its way past her wrist and continued halfway to her elbow before making a complete circle around her skin. Thinking the tattoo was a bunch of centipedes, she punched the air in front of her to shake off the "centipede"s. Instead, a pile of snow that was about one meter directly in front of where she was punching melted into water. Curious, she began punching in all sorts of ways and directions, and found that it had the same effect. After a while, the snow started to melt less quickly, and eventually it stopped melting altogether. Thinking little of it at first, she went home and kept quiet about it.

Over time though, she learned that she can trigger this ability at will, and began to experiment with the intensities of the ability. Before long, she was quite adept at it, though she still kept quiet about it for a reason she did not quite know herself. She just felt that it was something she needed to keep a secret...

Ludmilla has an ability she likes to call Firesphere. Basically, a round-shaped aura of heat is generated around her when she triggers the ability, and when she makes a movement so does the sphere. For example, if she punches the air west of her with the ability activated, the sphere would project a tongue of flame to the west, at the same time that Ludmilla punches the air. The length of the flame projectile is the same as the distance from the flame sphere to the user. The sphere itself is invisible and intangible.

As it is, Ludmilla can adjust the sphere's distance from herself from half a meter to two meters. She can also adjust the intensity of the flames with just her willpower (although increasing the power of her actual body moving is more effective (e.g. a kick will do more damage than a punch, etc.)). The ability has very little use outside of combat, due to Ludmilla's mastery of it (or rather, lack of). The heat she is currently able to produce is enough to melt a medium-thickness wall of ice, but not enough to melt iron.

Recently, she has also been able to produce chills instead of heat, though she's still learning the ropes, and as it is, the chills version is not very practical to use in battle, since she only recently discovered this version and has yet to properly train it.

Writing Sample:
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