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Originally Posted by Akacha View Post
Lol I will compete and complete this SU. Any specifics to take into consideration? Also, how should I see my move list? Is the move meditate really going to just raise some attack stat, or does it allow the pkmn to achieve higher consciousness and power? Like on Bulbapedia the move description for the game is well relative to the game but the show and manga show a much clearer idea of what moves should be. Thunder wave is like some pulse that cause you to be paralyzed your whole life... it's more like a tazergun.
Thunderwave is more like a lethal Tazergun. If it's not cured soon, it can be lethal. It leaves you paralyzed until it's healed somehow. Although it's not that bad in the games, it's one of the most dangerous statuses in the RP. Although if you're strong enough, you can resist it. Or with sufficient typing. As for things like Meditate, there is a difference between meditating and Meditating you know what I'm saying? lol

Originally Posted by Somewhere View Post
Thanks Wymsical! I added another paragraph in appearance just for the heck of it now though. Looking forward to when Supervegeta comes back and the RP starts.

Maybe they'll decide to be nice and let some extra people in if they have really good SUs? :3
'fraid not, Supervegeta specifically said to me he wanted no more spots in the RP. I wanted to add more Silver Tribe spots, but meh.
But yeah, congrats on being accepted. And lol, that extra paragraph makes it fit the bill now
Originally Posted by -DeepImpact- View Post

Tbh, I think this is kinda rushed, since I made this really quickly after seeing that I had competition xD; and also I'm fairly certain I really went crazy with the History >.>; Tell me if anything's wrong! :D

Side:Gold Tribe

Name: Replicus Decendas

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Title: Speculum (Latin for Mirror) [lol thanks SV xP]

Pokemon Species: Ditto! 8D


-Regular form-

-Usual Appearance-

-Common Disguise 1-

-Common Disguise 2-

Being a Ditto, he's rarely in his true form. Although he is a normal Ditto, whenever he feels like staying in a Ditto form, he's always a Shiny Ditto. He mostly stays in the forms of other Pokemon though, the most common being an Excadrill, or a Shiny Grovyle. His appearances depend on his mood. During battle, though, he usually shifts into the form that his opponent is weak against. For clothing, being a Pokemon, he doesn't have that much (xD) but he usually wears armor with the Gold Tribe insignia on it. His armor is able to change shape to his various other forms. Being a ditto, he doesn't have many scars/marks, since to due his jelly like body it's not really possible to get many. He is rather weird though, in his Ditto form, he is often found sporting a monocle, which probably means something important to him, or is probably just something random.

Personality: Being a Ditto and having his ability to transform, he's a natural prankster. His brain is always thinking about pranks, working out ways to joke around and often humiliate others. Of course, being in the Gold Tribe makes him be concerned about the welfare of others, and have a strong sense of justice and honor. He is a bit selfish though sometimes, putting his needs in front of others sometimes, though it is rare seeing as he has fit himself into the Gold Tribe Code of Honor. He is one who'll always put his trust in his close friends, and to be honest, he can easily become friends with almost anyone he knows, but to place his trust in a person, it needs a bit more than acquaintance. He is a huge drama queen too, and a good actor as well, honing his skills to become a perfect spy.

Being a rather happy go lucky kind of guy, he is rarely in a bad mood, not having a short temper. He does lose his cool sometimes though, when his close friends are attacked emotionally or physically. He is quite sharp with words, he mostly jokes around, but often people mistake it for rude insults. He doesn't appreciate people who play dirty, attacking people when they're down, provoking fights, etc. A thing he hates more than anything in the world is traitors, making him have a deep hatred towards the Silver Tribe. Even though mostly he's in a very jolly mood, he's always ready to be in a serious, working mood whenever it's needed. He isn't much of a smart tactician though, he lack the ability to often think about plans and all, being more of a fighter or a sneaky spy in the field. He is very skilled in sneaking through places, and quickly camouflaging himself, and with his natural ability to transform, he's one of the best guys to get info.

Replicus is a very competitive person, in a contest, he'll always try his best to win, but also ensure that he doesn't use any dirty methods. He doesn't really love to fight, but will do so when necessary. He is really good in attacking people personally though, he's good at insulting people, injuring them emotionally to get the upper hand in battle.

Replicus has the rare gift of having a Eidetic memory, or a photographic memory, making it possible for him to recall certain people, places, and things with extreme accuracy. He can remember more than a lot of people too. This makes it possible for him to remember the transformations and mannerisms of certain Pokemon perfectly, and being able to recall them later on. This helps him tremendously in copying people perfectly, and fooling enemies that way.

His goals are to free the place from the hands of the Silver Tribe, and get his brother back, no matter what the consequences.


-Early Life-

Replicus was born in the capital of the Alpha Alliance, Gold City. His past was really dark, and he doesn't like to talk about it a lot. His grandfather had been a former member of the Order of Neoverse, and had died in the war between the Gold Tribe and Alpha Alliance. Replicus's father, who had just been a kid back then, had managed to escape, and destroy all ties to his grandfather. His father eventually met Speculum's mother, who was a descendant of a member of the Gold Tribe. The both of them had 2 children, Replicus, and his brother, Xavier. Xavier was a shiny Ditto, and the elder brother of Replicus, 2 years older than him.

As children, Replicus and Xavier always stuck together, they were almost inseparable. They would run around the streets, playing pranks on other citizens, enjoying themselves. Xavier was always kind of a role model for Replicus, and he always looked up to him to lead him to their next target for their various pranks. Their father and mother always used to fight over something that was kept secret from Replicus and Xavier. One day though, Speculum's father started acting violent. In a selfless act, the 2 brother's mother helped the two Ditto kids escape, and she was murdered by their father. The father then proceeded to commit suicide himself, and Replicus and Xavier were left all alone to fend for themselves.

After this incident, the 2 brothers survived on the streets, doing odd jobs like getting info on people. This helped Replicus hone his spying skills quite a lot. Eventually, the money they earned was not enough, and the two of them heard about the H.A.S., and about the Gold Tribe. They decided to enroll in the Academy together, and traveled to the Academy.

-Gold Tribe and Education-

There, they learned the selfless ways of the Gold Tribe, and practiced their combat skills. Though, Replicus would often not follow the rules, Xavier always reminded him to remember the selfless and respectful ways of the Gold Tribe, but Replicus didn't care that much, at least at that time. Eventually, his brother succeeded in becoming a member of the Gold Tribe. This memory still sticks out in Replicus's minds as a very improtant one, and one of his best days of his life.

After Xavier's graduation, he was sent on several missions, but not on the one out of the Alpha Alliance, that had been led by Auron. Replicus meanwhile, worked hard in order to graduate, so that he could join his brother in the ranks. He was unable to though at first; he was hardly able to follow Gold Tribe's Code. After months of hard work and training, and a lot of work from his brother as well, he was able to enter the Gold Tribe with his skills as an elite spy and fighter.


When Auron and the rest came back with the Ancients, Replicus had not been ready for any kind of attack at all. None of his contacts had informed him of anything. After hearing about the attack, Replicus rushed over to Gold City to fight alongside his brother and comrades. In the battle, he saw Adam fall before his very eyes, but he didn't give up at first. He kept attacking, not backing down, until he was ordered to retreat.

He and his brother tried to make their way out of the place, but they were ambushed by a group of Scythers. They tried their best to fight them off, but they were far outnumbered by them. His brother, being selfless and brave, asked Replicus to leave, and stayed behind to fight the Pokemon. He was eventually led away by other Tribe members, and he escaped to the forest along with Zane and some others.

-Post Invasion-

Currently, Zane is the only person he knows in the people in the forest. Every now and then, he'll head out of their settlement in a disguise, meeting up with contacts to get info about the current situation in Silver City. He still believes that Xavier is still alive, captured by enemy forces, but he is not sure, since there is nobody who can confirm that fact. He'll do anything to get his brother back though, and get their land back in the Alpha Alliance's hands. Replicus nowadays is really selfless, independent, and brave, and also roams around in a shiny Ditto form, in the memory of his brother Xavier.

Moveset: Transform
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