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Quote originally posted by Truality:
I'll wait to see how this goes. Good luck and motivation with it!

Just a note: I hope you're going to use new ow styles, like the fat guy in the 6th screenshot. They blend a lot better with the tiles you use. And i'm positive that you'll have minimum tile errors in your release.
Yup, they'll be changed eventually, though I can't guarantee that all will be before the first beta.

Quote originally posted by Suicune™:
Screens look great, look forward to progress.

Quote originally posted by Tropical Sunlight:
I think it's spelled Minccino :P
Nice screenshots you've got there, keep up the nice work :)
Yup, thanks for catching that :)

Quote originally posted by Deadrocks:
Here's a really meh banner I made. lol

Are you kidding? That's awesome :O
Thanks, I'll add it to the OP right away :)

Quote originally posted by Yuuiii:
Just a question, did you add Close Combat with the -Def + -SpD drop, or some other effect? Because in-game there is no effect for -def + -spd after an attack (is this making any sense ._.;)
Yup, that makes sense. I made it -Atk and -Def.

At least it's something, right? xD
Anyway, more updates coming soon!

Will give one of my sisters and my cat to whoever can help me expand the gosh darn doodly ding dong Pokedex in FireRed...