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Chapter 3 - The Attack of the Argonauts…and Clones – Part 1 – Sh*t…

"The Arena", Southern sector of Juno Region – Planet Fortune – Monday, March, 7th, 3535. 1235 Hours

The arena was full of rocket and galactic troops. They were cheering, and actually, for once, happy. The arena floor was huge, being almost one kilometer wide, while the arena itself was over two kilometers high. On the podium was a bounty hunter named Apollo. He was an ex-soldier of the Earth Army, and he had injected himself, the substance that they put into the Argonauts. He was near super human. He was always trying to find out better ways to get paid by killing Argonauts. He was wearing ion blue armor and was equipped with two swords, as well as a bow and arrows. As he waits and observes, he hears someone walking in the dark tunnel behind him.

"Do you think they will fall for the trap?" he asked, looking back at the newcomer from the corner of his eyes.

"I'm sure. If they have fellow Argos captured and ready for execution. Of coarse they're going to come and get them back. They can't, or will not, allow the life of an Argo go to waste. If they wanted them to die, they would send them on more suicidal missions, but that's unlikely. That only happened once," said the person.

"And who was that, Azumarill?"

"Me," growled Azumarill, walking out of the tunnel and into the sunlight. Azumarill was larger then your average Azumarill, a side effect of the injections. He was wearing a simple leather outfit, with two short-swords strapped to his back.

Azumarill then walks up beside the bounty hunter and nods. Fellow Trojans: Sandslash, Kabutops, Spinda, and Weavile walked up behind them and made a line, standing just behind the two.

"Why did they send you into a death trap?" asked Apollo, looking over at the unusually large Azumarill.

"They hated my attitude, my leader skills, and my judgments. I was once the leader of an Argo Team. And due to my, 'rebellious will and attitude', got eighty percent of my team killed. Only leaving me and another teammate alive and badly beaten."

"Damn," whispered Apollo, looking at Azumarill with new eyes.

"And as punishment," continued Azumarill, "I was sent on a sabotage mission in a rocket tank factory. But the place was one big trap. Tanks hammered the sh*t of that building from the outskirts, they had been told that enemy factory workers were building tanks in it, not mentioning the fact that I was in there. And plus, the place was rigged to blow with hydrogen and gasoline. Then the place went up in flames and debris flew everywhere. I got out barely alive. Soon after that, I defected to the Trojans."

"That's f*cked up."

"That's not the f*cked up part. The f*cked up part was the operation is top secret. Level six classified. So no one knew that I was in the factory only the ones who sent me in!" hissed Azumarill, narrowing his eyes in hate.

"Save the anger for when you see the Argos, Azumarill. The executioning is about to begin," said Apollo softly, calming Azumarill.

War drums and horns roared throughout the arena. The crowd gets hyped up and cheers loudly. A section of the floor then opens. The areas of sand drops into the hole and a platform rises slowly. It had Mazda and Zangoose, Loyal Team members, and beside them were three other Argos: Carnivine, Typhlosion, and Empoleon. They had all been stripped of weapons and armor, each dressed in simple cloth.

The platform stops and the guards forces the five to walk towards five of the stone pillars in the middle of the arena. The crowd cheers even louder as they travel towards them, causing Typhlosion to growl. Once they had arrived at the pillars, the guards quickly chained each to a seperate pillar and made sure to keep a good distance away from them. Mazda tried to find a away to escape from the chains but every attempt was unsuccessful.

"Mazda?" called Typhlosion from the piller one over from the one Mazda was chained to.

"I'm trying to think of something," he replied, "Try melting the chains with the fire on your back."

"I already tried, it won't melt."

"Sh*t…" added Carnivine. Mazda glared at him for his unhelpful comment.

Then the two large doors on the north side of the arena open, and an even larger door on the west side opens. Three distinct roars echo out of the dark tunnels, and makes the group of five become slightly worried.

"What was that?" cried Empoleon, her voice a betraying just how afraid she was.

"Sh*t. Just from the cries? I'm guessing a: rhino, a tiger and a mutated iguana," said Carnivine, smirking at the fact that his knowledge of animals was finally coming in handy.

The Rhino and Tiger come running out towards the group as soon as their doors were open enough to do so. And then the larger door breaks open, revealing a ten foot iguana as it smashed through.

"Holy crap! It's Godzilla!" yelled Empoleon, sounding a bit like a little girl.

"Sh*t…I hate it when I get my guesses right.... Especially when it involves losing my life," grumbled Carnivine, shifting around in his chains.

Mazda quickly kicks the ground, a trail of rock travel towards the three beasts at high speed. As the trail was about to collide with the beast, Mazda stomp the ground and a wall of rock and stone erupts from the ground. The tiger slams into the wall, going right through, but gets knocked out. The rhino and the reptile also smash through the wall, but they do it with ease and without delay, continuing to charge towards the captured Argos.

"Sh*t! That didn't work!" yelled Carnivine, still shifting around in his chains.

The reptile reaches the group first. But Empoleon, getting the idea, quickly launches a hydro pump, hitting the reptile in the face and putting it on its side, where it then struggles to get back on its feet from.

Mazda then sees the rhino centimeters away from him and jumps to his right, kicking Carnivine's stone pillar and making a bit of a domino effect onto Zangoose pillar knocking it down as well. Leaving Empoleon, Typhlosions and Mazda's pillars standing. The rhino rams into Mazda's chain shattering it and giving Mazda his freedom. He then runs behind his pillar and kicks it, cracking it at the bottom and causing it to snap. The pillar falls and lands on top of the rhino, at least knocking it out.

He turns around and spots three grunts mounted on horses. He slowly puts his hands up when they pointed their spears toward him.

"Give up Argo scum," shouted one of the guards.

"Alright, here's the way I'm going to kill you all, and help my comrades get free. I'm first going to run towards the one in middle. Once he thrusts at me with his spear, I'm going to rip it out of his hands and throw it at my friend Typhlosion's chain with dead on accuracy, setting him free. Then I'm going to force you to unmount your horse, slam you to the ground, rip his head and spine off and out his body with both intact then beat the sh*t out of the second grunt with the spine until he dies, Then the last grunt is going to comment on the kills, and run away. But he'll get lit on fire by my friend Typhlosion, whom I had just set free. Got that ladies?" asked Mazda in a mocking tone, and he gave then a dangerous smile.

"bullsh*t! That's physically impossible and can only happen in stories and such," said one of grunts, and then the three laugh.

"Mark your words," growled Mazda.

He then quickly sprints forward toward the middle grunt before they could blink.

The grunts stop laughing and the grunt in the middle thrusts his spear at Mazda. But Mazda jumped up and forward, dodging the spear. In mid air, he ripped the spear out of the grunt's hands and chucks it at Typhlosion's chain, breaking it and setting him free. Mazda then grabbed the grunt by his chest, unmounts him and slams him to ground. The grunt managed to punch Mazda in face, but he wasn't really affected by the hit. He then rips off the grunts helmet, and grabs him by the hair then pulls as hard as he can. In matter of seconds he rips the grunts head and spine out of the rest of the body and then sprint towards the next grunt whom was already charging towards him. Mazda then jumps towards the second grunt and clobbers the grunt in the head knocking him off his horse.

As the grunt was able to get up a second hit from the skull-spine and Mazda continued to hammer it on the grunt and soon kills him. He then lets go of the spine and looks at the last remaining grunt.

"But…but…that was physically impossible! We're not even in a story!" exclaimed the grunt. He was slowly turning around to run away.

But Typhlosion was behind the grunt and unleashed a flamethrower, making the grunt and his horse go up in flames, killing the two.

Zangoose and Carnivine were free and began to unchain Empoleon. They then hear a growl and turn around, staring into the eyes of the tiger crouching a few feet away. It was giving the three of them a death stare. It stalked them, waiting for them to move, and ready for the kill. It charged at them but Carnivine steps in front of the two other Argos, and then floats towards the tiger.

The beast then widens its mouth, roars and prepares for a bite. But as soon they collided, Carnivine grabbed the tiger by its upper jaw and gave it an upper cut, sending it to the ground. He then grabbed both the lower and upper jaw with both hands and pushes it open. As the mouth refuse to open anymore, he then changes his grasp on the jaws and puts his palms on each end of the mouth, and pushes down as hard as possible, breaking the tigers jaw in matter of seconds and killing it.

He then turns around at Zangoose and Empoleon, who both had watched Carnivine killing the beast. "Sh*t…I got it!" he yelled, throwing his arms up into the air. They were happy for him, but both their faces changed as the reptile from earlier had recovered and was creeping up behind Carnivine.

Empoleon yelled and pointed, "Behind you!" she cried. As soon Carnivine had turned around enough to be able to see what was behind him, the reptile quickly scooped him up with its mouth and shakes its head side to side. It then throws Carnivine into the air and catches him to get a better bite. It then puts its head to the ground, with Carnivine's motionless legs dangling out. The lizard steps on them, and then snaps its head up, ripping Carnivine in half, leaving his lower half under the reptile's foot and other half in the mouth. Carnivine was dead and the other two watched him be killed. The reptile spits the upper half of Carnivine out, and makes a loud and mighty roar.

"Carnivine…" whispered Empoleon, she was in total shock. The audience, though, went nuts over seeing one of the Argonauts killed in front of their eyes.

Mazda and Typhlosion quickly join the rest, having no idea what's going on until they laid eyes on Carnivine, completely split in half.

"Those sons of a b*tches!" yelled Typhlosion, gritting his teeth.

While they continued to look at the lifeless body of Carnivine, they were soon surrounded by mounted grunts.

Next…Chapter 3: The Attack of the Argonauts…and Clones - Part 2 – Two out of Five


Next part will be slightly longer, I promise =) , hoped you all enjoyed the first part.
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