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Originally Posted by juniebug910 View Post
This RPG is basically based on Super Mario RPG:Legend of the Seven Stars. The plot is that Jirachi's star necklace has broken into 8 pieces across the place where legends are born and live-Legend Fields. Darkrai knows the power of the stars, and tries to take them for his own. You choose one of the smaller legendarys to play as: Celebi, Mew, Victini, Manaphy, Rotom (yes it is a legendary), and Phione. As one of them, you try to get back the Star Fragments and stop Darkrai. However, sometimes you must go down to the regular Pokemon world and get supplies, you turn into a human then. This game, like Paper Mario, has 8 chapters, each having you battle a boss pokemon for a Star Fragment. And yes, it is 3D.

Any advice?
There isn't really much advice to give. The idea is certainly nice, but how is it going to play as a game? Are you going to try to emulate something similar to Super Mario RPG or what are your ideas?

Also, Mario RPG used 3D prerendered images as flat sprites, the 3D is just an illusion.
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