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Originally Posted by Wiznatts View Post
I didn't know that they bothered changing the back sprites for Plat and HG/SS. Which ones were updated? Also, just an opinion thing here, but I would personally focus on sprites that don't exist yet. Sure, the Gen 3 fronts and backs don't look great, and they look out of place when Gen 4 or 5 Pokemon are used. But there aren't back sprites for Gen 5 Pokemon that are really usable considering the change to fully body backs. That's part of the reason that I decided to only resize the front sprites when absolutely necessary for my project, simply because I wanted to minimize the workload for myself. After we have usable sprites for the new Pokemon, then we can go back and work on the old ones to maintain a consistent style.
Here are all the Gen IV Pokemon that have a different backsprite in Platinum:

*Bonsly (2 pixel diference)
*Weavile (just the eyes)

Some of these are shading improvements, like Toxicroak, while others fix incorrect anatomy, like Palkia's mouth and Luxray's ears. And yes, I've changed my priority to Gen IV.

The Chaos Emerald ROM Base (it's gonna take awhile)

DS-style 64x64 Pokémon Sprite Resource NOW COMPLETED
Custom Sugimori-style Pokémon Sprite Resource IN PROGRESS

Non-Pokémon hacks I support:
Sonic Classic Heroes
Sonic 3 Complete
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