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Quote originally posted by Deadrocks:
Lulz. I did read the first post... I just missed that part. Ahaha. The emerald is my birthstone!
Username: Deadrocks
Favorite Sonic Character: Ashura ;)
Welcome to the club!
Ooo Ashura? He's quite popular... kinda like Missingno. :)
Quote originally posted by Pokemaster1993:
Username: Pokemaster1993
Favorite Sonic Character(s): Knuckles

I'm not really into the Sonic games much, but it was a part of my childhood. I usually get Mario and Sonic at the Olympic (Winter) Games, and maybe a few others. Knuckles is my favorite character because I love how he guards the Master emerald.

Also, I heard a lot of the Sonic fanbase is full of furries. :D
*Is a furry*
Thanks for joining and welcome. ^^
Sonic was a big part of my childhood.
Are you getting the London Olympic Games?

Quote originally posted by Otherworld9):
I would like this chao please? I'm going to name it....Jojo.
As for the topic....hmm....I haven't played Sonic Colors. My friends have played it and told me it was a great game for me to try, myself being a video game freak. Would love to play it some day, or just borrow it from a close relative some day.
Sure, added~
Sonic Colors would be one to pick up if you want to see how Sonic's fares in the modern era. :3

Quote originally posted by U_Flame:
Nothing but the new Sonic games huh? I'm sorry, but I can't be a part of this any longer. I hate everything about everything about the new Sonic. I was hoping to talk about the comics, or hacks, or the good old ones, but everyone here cares only about the new ones. Maybe I'm just stuck in the past, but whatever the reason, I would like to quit this club without being rude. See ya!.
You are welcome here regardless of your stance on certain aspects of Sonic. If you're a fan, you're a fan. Young or old, modern or retro, video game or comics, Amy or Sally, etc XD; We all like the Sonic series. I'm sorry to hear that. I have removed you then. ^^;

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