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Quote originally posted by 2qe6647:
There is only one (or perhaps 2) tools i would need.

-A really full pokemon editor, like YAPE, to edit not only pokemon Stats types and Start moves.
If you make a tool who can change also the moves who every pokemon learn by level, , TM compatibility and method of evolution (level, trade and stones), I'll be grateful for life.

also, if you make a better tool for change moves, not only power and type, also precission, and can change easyly the secondary effects.
All of these things can be easily edited using a hex editor because they're very well documented and explained (check the link in my signature for docs and stuff regarding 1st gen hacking).

Quote originally posted by 2qe6647:
the new tools can't open roms. if y tried to open a hack rom, it didnt let do, and if I try with a normal one (recently downloaded), It says that that the file is no writable.
Try unchecking the "read-only file" checkbox in the file's property tab (Windows).

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