Thread: [Let's Play] Pokemon: Minecraft Edition
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Originally Posted by Electricmudkip View Post
This is amazing. I don't have the patience to try and do this, but now I'm inspired to make the Hoenn region in Minecraft. You guys wouldn't mind, would you?
Thanks! Haha, go for it. If we manage to finish this region we may move onto another region.

Originally Posted by Kroso View Post
Oooh this looks exciting and from the looks of it,it look like you guys are truly overjoyed to build those beautiful buildings in minecraft,but like most people how are you going to build those city with the many interiors and such?
We are dude. For those interiors we will overcome that barrier when we get to it. We'll probably have to improvise a lot, but since we're doubling the size of everything I don't think it's going to be THAT big of an issue.