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Natalia Zaytsev - Moscow, Russia

There was a short pause, before Afon asked his next question. 

"If your organization wants to unite Atlanteans, what does the government want to do with them back in the Atlantean Centre? I mean, obviously they want to know who is and who is not, but that's not all is it?"

"The government," she said rather sourly, "have not much to do with the Atlantean Centres, only with their hasty placement all over the world. The Atlantean Royal Family is a proud family, they would not approve of such... Well, vulgar methods, especially those conducted by morta-- normal humans. Although we're not too sure and cannot make too many assumptions, we can only speculate that the Royal Family is planning to either create an army to counter an inevitable civil war or raise Atlantis."

She paused for a moment, adjusting her position so her legs were crossed and arms folded. The idea of raising Atlantis slightly annoyed Natalia. Nobody knew where it was and the power it would take could... Unless they... No, it was too soon to suggest such things. The AUP needed to take more time to research and this boy, Afon, would help their cause greatly. 

"I say these things with a grain of salt. The Royal Family are a mysterious bunch but I'm sure their motives behind their involvement with mort-- the world's politics will arise soon enough."

Oakley North - London, England

Oakley's eyes widened, unsure of what Christian was going to do to her with his hands up like that. Was he going to use his power to... kill her? Silence her? She yelped a little, out of pain from her arm and surprise as smoke billowed around her. She coughed rather violently, bringing her non-armoured hand to her mouth. Was he sending her to the Netherworld? To Oblivion? She embraced herself but in the end, no pain came. As the smoke cleared, she understood now why this guy smelt like burning when she first saw him; he could make smoke. She looked back at Christian, who was staring next to her at a hole in the wall. He had done that? So he had tried to hurt her! She wailed again as he put his arms up, closing her eyes tight but again, she felt no pain. She looked at him again, seeing his wavering arms and shoulders, his body kind of ghostly. 

"See Oakley. We are so different you and I. Both of us are freaks with strange powers we have trouble controlling. Hiding our problems underneath a cast or tricking ourselves into thinking we can control them won't solve it," he sighed, then stepped over to her and offered her a wispy hand. "No matter what your ability, curse, or gift is, you are amongst friends. Now, let's get a grip on our 'problems'."

She stared at his hand, not knowing what to feel. She didn't take the hand, instead staring at him in the eyes. She almost felt like crying. 

"But... It hurts so much. I don't want it to hurt anymore. I just want it to go away. Je veux que cela aille!" she said rather loudly, then bit her lip, letting out a small sob. "I want to go home!"
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