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I actually have holidays now. This can only mean one thing.

Name: bobandbill I think
Best Way to Contact: VM, don't mind PMs either.
Review Style: I'll say what I like and don't like on whatever comes to mind when I read it basically (be it plot, characters, description, events, etc), and mention any instances of misspellings/grammatical errors and how to fix them.
1: New Bark and Beyond- Chapter 1: New Region, New Friends, New Rivals, Cardwell74
2: How, frawst
3: Pikabowser Attempts Poetry, Pikabowser123
4. Rhyming Stories: The Barboach Who Can't Make Its Mind, angelomanalo
5. Marowak- The Avenger, Volcanix769
6. The Orusa Adventures, Oz37
7. Thoughts Upon Passing, SuperTrainStationH
8. Faded Glory, Aisu
9. War (Teeze's Poetry), Snivy063
10. Lost, darkpokeball
Gym Leader Wattson wants to battle!
The cheerfully electrifying man!
Wahahahaha! Good things come to those who laugh!
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