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Natalia Zaytsev - Moscow, Russia

Natalia nodded along as Afon continued to ask questions. He made a fair point. No organisation could be created within a week, that was true. And as he pressed on, asking her about her continuous correcting of herself, she gave a small smile. Though she hadn't thought the term mortals were offensive (as that's what they were), she had used human being or normal person as a filler as it was easier to understand.

"I knew of my Atlantean heritage before the Royal Family decided to go public, and therefore I had access to my abilities before then. If one knew for certain that they were not of mortal decent, their abilities would no longer lie dormant, the tattoos would reveal on their body and then altogether evolve to their one-and-a-half times state," she slid a finger down her left forearm, drawing over the circle pattern that was her tattoo. "Not physically evolve. But I won't say now how I joined the AUP. It would take far too long to explain properly and you haven't properly been inducted yet."

She tapped her lip, trying to find a way to explain properly about Atlanteans. This boy was now technically her cousin, her brother and they both shared similar blood. It was his right to know the history of their people, though she didn't want to say too much; she barely knew the boy and what else he was involved with (his investigation showed nothing, but you could never be too sure).

"No, we are not immortal but the true Atlanteans once were. When Atlantis sank thousands of years ago, survivors were washed to mortal shores. There, as they mingled with the folk and had children together, the Atlantean blood thinned until it was eventually thought to be extinct. Like I said, modern Atlanteans can live one and a half times a mortal. They are referred to as mortals because we are descendants of immortals," she checked her phone again. No messages yet. "It's not an uncommon term, you will hear a lot of Atlanteans who knew of their heritage before a week ago refer to normal humans that way."
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