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Originally Posted by Mac of York View Post

Do you own any Sonic merchandise?

I wish I did =( I want a Sonic plushie XD
Well i own a 10in Classic Sonic figure (its freakin huge lol), an 8in fully articulated Modern Sonic figure, and a set of 3in figures of Classic Sonic, Classic Super Sonic, Classic Tails, Classic Knuckles, Classic Metal Sonic, and Classic Amy (SEGA should have never changed her clrassic looks less annoying XD)

I was away from PC (and teh internetz as a whole) for a while, thought i could use a brake XD. I finally got Sonic Generations (Xbox360) and I LOVE IT!!!!!!! The level design is excellent, and the music is for the most part flawless i especially like the new mixes for "Escape From the City (City Escape)" and "Open Your Heart" < my fav sonic songs BTW. Beating the rival battles on hard was kinda a pain (Shadow >.<) but it was worth it now my Xbox avatar can be dressed like Classic eggman =P my only problem with this game was that the story is REALLY SHORT.
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