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Quote originally posted by espa_roba11:
I think I will wait till it is finished because it's kinda lulzy at the moment.

What on earth do you mean by "lulzy"?

Quote originally posted by masterquestmq:
I will keep my eye on this. Once this is perfected it can rock the hacking world back to its glory days. this is history in the making. I'll be rooting for you.

Good Luck and all the best.

I doubt it, somehow. But we can live in hope.

Quote originally posted by zangoose37:
This is mindblowing, simply mindblowing. I (and I imagine a great many others) will be following this with great interest. Just fantastic, keep up the good work.


Quote originally posted by persian_17:
good luck with this is a big step forward in advance generation hacking!
i hope that all bugs will be fixed ^__^

There are very few actual bugs with the patch. Most "bugs" are actually caused by missing data.

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