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Originally Posted by nickstr View Post
That is how I got the episodes at first too but hated the water marks and the blurring. Those were done around 2004 or 2005 and badly might I add. The legal DVD box sets look SO much better than those and that is how I have these episodes today. Recently I got the very last of the episodes I needed to complete a collection of the first 276 which basically means I have almost every English dubbed episode ever released. Except for Beauty and the Beach which only exists on VHS tapes recorded from its one or two airings on TV back in 2000. This by the way is all on DVD box sets half of which I had to get from Australia and New Zealand. I know, I would like to see the episodes featuring Ash Misty and Brock (especially Misty) in true HD but I doubt it would happen. In Japan they are obsessed with NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW and oh did I mention NEW. Plus Shogakukan and TV Tokyo could care less about the show's fans outside Japan its sad but true. They just want to cater to the Japanese audience and that is it. We are secondary to them in other words and no matter how loudly we complain about the show nothing will ever happen.
In my country, there is no official DVD bexset available for me. Too bad... Because of some copyrights problem.
In Japan, they are obsessed with the new..That's true. And it's all about money $$.
New generation can make more profits..