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I want to get back to reviewing Pokemon fics again, so going to do this challenge.

Name: Bay Alexison
Best Way to Contact: VM
Review Style: I tend to just say my overall thoughts on the chapter/story as I read it, but I tend to say quite a bit on plot and characterization. I won't say too much on grammar though as that's not my strong point in writing.
1. White Heart Black Bones- Prologue and Chapter 1 (OpenDoorLeia)
2. Drowning- Prologue (IanDonyer)
3. The Fall to Redemption- Prologue and Chapter 1 (Cypher DS)
4. White Heart Black Bones- Chapter 2 (OpenDoorLeia)
5. Thoughts Upon Passing- One Shot (SuperTrainStationH)
6. POKéMON Ruby Destiny- Prologue and Chapter 1 (destinedjagold)
7. Faded Glory- Chapter 1 (Aisu)
8. Rhyming Stories: A Silly Snorlax- Poem (angelomanalo)
9. White Hearts Black Bones- Chapter 2 (OpenDoorLeia)
10. Faded Glory- Chapter 2 (Aisu)

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