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Originally Posted by dragonomega View Post

Episode 11 is called the Proposal.

Will & Emma maybe the one's getting engaged.
A lot of people were in the studio for this episode.
Lea recorded a duet, a solo & an ND Girls number.

Sam joins the Synchronized swim team to impress Mercedes. We meet 4 new characters. As well as the new Indian character who will have a song with and a dance with Kurt or Brittany. They're trying to get the rights to a popular Bollywood song. Who's betting it's Jai Ho by the Cloystercat Dolls? |:
Pfft, I don't really consider it Bollywood, I mean sure it's that style but the fact it's so mainstream, idk, when I hear Bollywood I think of "not exactly mainstream". :x Also yay for possible marriage!
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