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Gen 5 doesn't have a ??? type; 09 is Fire etc. Effort yield is as simple as two bits per stat, I believe (12 bits in total).

B/W use a different Pokémon data format; this change was responsible for Serebii originally getting the Pokédex data wrong on his site (IIRC, the types were wrong because of the above change, for example). B/W use two bytes for the base experience, and have a third ability byte (I'm pretty sure there's more, but I can't remember them off the top of my head). Also, the level-up move list is different, as each move is now four bytes rather than two (though you haven't covered this). The B/W move list is identical to the D/P/Pt list, but with the new moves added on the end; so is the B/W ability list. However, the items list was completely revamped in B/W, so your item codes won't work.
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