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Originally Posted by Otherworld9) View Post
I find Amy annoying too. :]
Isn't Sonic Generations the game where it's changed to be 3-D? Was it easy to move in a 2-D plain when it looks so 3-D like? I only heard about the game....
Like blade i'm not too sure what you mean but if you meant it having 3D models on a 2D plain then the gane play is fine it just takes a little getting used to but i played Sonic 4 ep.1 a while ago and that also has a 3D model on the 2D levels so i really didnt have any problems
Originally Posted by TwilightBlade View Post
That's quite the figurine collection! Classic Amy looks so... idk 80s? I don't care much for her character recently. She's alright in the comics. xD;

Welcome back! I wonder if PSN will get any kind of avatar or accessory for Home. :P
Lol she does look pretty 80's, and i haven't really read any of the comics yet i've mostly watched the cartoons and anime :P. Do you know any sites with scans of the comics?

It'd be cool if they did, and Home does have the same things as Xbox for Sonic Adventure (a shirt, and Sonics shoes). I'd probably get Sonic Generations on PS3 if they did, and the only reason i didn't get it for PS3 in the first place was because Gamestop was sold out on black friday:( and i had to get it for Xbox instead i couldn't pass up getting the game for only $30 lol
Do you own any Sonic merchandise?
I have 2 Sonic plushies - Sonic and Tails! I was given the Sonic doll after winning the PBR tournament at Gamestop several years ago. How did the employee know I was a Sonic fan, idk. :P I bought the Tails doll online. I'm hoping to add more, especially a Shadow doll. ;s;

Here's a pic of them.

I want those plushies 8D well maybe not the Tails one :P and Shadow is like my favorite i need to get something of him

Here's a pic of my figurines (my little brother is "hiding" under his Pokemon blanket because i told him to get out of the shot and that was his 5 y/o solution lol)

And here's my Xbox avatar wearing the SA clothes (classic eggman pic coming soon it looks hilarious XD)

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