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Name: Siegfried Gabriel

Species: Sawk

Age: 36

Job: Unemployed (Does oddjobs at any town he gets to)

Gender: Male

Appearance: Siegfried is of average height for a Sawk. His feet are noticeably scarred and his skin is rather thick. His clothes are mildly tattered at the heels and wrists. He is always carrying a blue duffel bag carrying money and food. He also has several more lines and streaks across his face and clothes in comparison to other Sawk and Throh. His age also shows. His eyes have lost any kind of luster and his hands and his body is growing slightly wrinkled.

Personality: Having to rely on labour trade from random people he probably won't see ever again, he is rather polite. Considering that him being nice may or may not cost him his meal that day. However, he is also is also incredibly smug. He truly believes he is the best, like no one ever was. He also has a low tolerance for nonsense. He's not a funny man and he never cracks jokes. He's long since grown past the age of jokes. He finds them to be 'A waste of thought and time.' All around, he has low tolerance. He has a pretty short fuse and is rather impatient. Constantly talking about how he has 'Places to go and people to fight.' and how he hates wasting time doing things he doesn't need to. To him, life is short and his is around half-way done. He still has a lot of life to live and he doesn't want a second more doing anything he doesn't like. When you get past his impatience, he does truly love life and can be kind. He is a peaceful soul, unless he finds someone he wants to fight.

History: His home, before becoming a nomad, was a forest that was home to many different types of Fighting Pokémon. Like many Fighting-Type Pokémon, he spent most of his time as young one sparring with any and all fighting types in his immediate surroundings. He trained at the foot of a nearby mountain with his brethren. As the years went on, he slowly became the strongest of all the many Pokémon in the forest. Yet, his victories made him believe he was the best and, for the most part, he was. So he decided he would leave his forest to travel. To search for opponents. Taking all challengers and challenging those who he thought were strong. He needs to know he's the strongest. Because he feels he's the strongest.

Attacks: Drain Punch, Close Combat, Payback, Sky Uppercut, Detect and Bulk Up.

RP Sample:
I guess I was on the way to my next destination. I continued walking until I saw the ROUTE 29 sign. Walking in, it seemed like there were rocks and rubble everywhere. If I didn't plan my steps carefully, I'd trip, fall and probably break my jaw. The Route seemed to be made a single path by a bunch of trees, and there were patches of grass and dirt. As I trudged around, I contemplated what my Pokémon was. I decided that if I were attacked, knowing what I had would be more convenient. I pulled out the small ball and pressed the button, causing it to expand twice as big. I softly lobbed it into the air, and with a beam of light hitting the ground, a Pokémon came out of the ball," Sneasel!" it shouted. It was a black, bipedal thing that was almost a metre tall. It had large claws on its hands and feet. It also had a gold mark on its forehead and chest, and also has feathers. Three on its rear and one where its left ear should be. It must say, it looks pretty cool. Sleek, dark, vicious. A perfect partner for the rest of my journey. I pulled out my PokéDex and checked skimmed over what it said, "Let's see... Dark and Ice type... Steals and eats eggs... Sharp claws... Known Attacks; Scratch, Leer, Taunt, Bite... Interesting." I threw my Poké Ball, softly tapping the Sneasel on its head. It opened and a red light beamed it back in the ball. I caught it and began continuing down the route. I knew that if something were to attack me, I'd be prepared with this Pokémon. I'm legitimately shocked no one else took it. But I guess the better Pokémon Trainer should get the better Pokémon. It's only fair. I couldn't help but chuckle a bit after I said that. After that, I decided my walk down this Route should continue.

It was just a matter of time before I ran into a tiny brown Pokémon on a rather large patch of green and dirt. It was brown and had a white colored circle on its belly and its tail had white rings. It's ears were large and were red on the inside. I reached pulled out my PokéDex and looked it up," Sentret... Normal-type... Known Attacks; Scratch, Foresight and Defense Curl. Should be a good training battle." I said to my self, closing it. I pulled out Sneasel's Poké Ball and threw his ball enthusiastically. To think, I came here thinking this would be a drag. This'll be just another thing I'll ace. Sneasel's ball opened up and the familiar beam of light hit the ground, revealing my black companion," Alright Sneasel, this is our first battle. Let's end it quickly with a Scratch attack!" I commanded. Sneasel ran toward the Sentret like a black blur and readied his claws. He slashed the Sentret with all of his might. It seemed he and I both thought the match was over, but neither of us noticed Sentret had curled up into a ball. When it got out of the ball, it seemed like it had taken little to no damage. That must've been Defense Curl. Lucky... "Sneasel, use Scratch again!" I commanded once more. I figured the move couldn't protect the little fuzz-ball forever. As my Sneasel ran towards the Sentret, I could've sworn I saw the Sentret's eyes twinkle. The Sentret pulled back its claw and ran toward Sneasel. When they both made contact, they ended up a few metres away from each other, standing like when the two swordsman clashed like in a classic Japanese samurai film. I waited anxiously to see who would fall. It only took a few seconds before Sneasel fell to his knees. Darn it. Brute strength won't win this battle, I have to make a plan. Come on, think... Maybe I could soften it up... Yeah, that might work. But first, I need it to attack. And Sneasel has the attacks to make this work.

"Sneasel!" I shouted, trying to get his attention. He stood up, signaling he could still fight. That's step 1, now for the next one, "Sneasel, use Taunt!" Sneasel pulled his left arm straight slowly pulled his wrist up and down, sending a 'bring it on' signal. This attack sent the Sentret into a blind rage. The Sentret dashed at Sneasel, getting ready to Scratch. I waited until the last moment," Dodge it Sneasel!" I commanded. And with a motion so quick, Sneasel jumped back, sending him far away. The Sentret looked at Sneasel with angry eyes. Next step," Sneasel, use Leer!" I shouted. Sneasel's eyes glowed red for a moment, but turned back to its normal colour after a while. Now for the last step, hopefully," Sneasel, use Bite!" Sneasel dashed at the Sentret and latched onto its head with his mouth. Sneasel was clawed a few times, but jumped off before any serious damage was down. Not to mention Sentret's small arms could barely reach Sneasel. It was only on for a few seconds, but the Leer attack made it pack a bigger punch. Sneasel and the Sentret are both on their last legs. This fight was almost over. The Sentret, weakened as it may have been, was still affected by the Taunt. It started running, ready to Scratch again," Sneasel, use Scratch!" I commanded. Sneasel and the Sentret were both running at each other. This would be the decider, whoever was standing after this would be the winner. The anticipation was astronomical. 3... 2... 1...

The Sentret and Sneasel's claws met, and there was more waiting to see who would come out on top. It was just a matter of time before the Sentret fell on its knees. And at that moment, I knew that a strong defensive fighter like this would complement my faster, stronger fighter. I pulled out one of the Poké Balls and threw it at the weakened Sentret. It was engulfed in the light and the ball bounced a few times before becoming stationary. The small button on the front flashed red and the whole ball was shaking. Judging by how hurt it was, I'm gonna say it's gonna stay in there. I'm positive. No reason for Sneasel to be out of it's Poké Ball. I pulled out Sneasel's Ball," Sneasel, return." I said. The ball remained closed, and Sneasel was beamed inside of it.

Now, I wait...
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