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Pokémon Daydream White


Hack of Pokemon Fire Red version
Created by SK3


Dreams. Are they simply images displayed from your subconscious, or are they much more?

This is a question asked by many. Some people believe the former, but Team Lucid believes the latter. They believe in the legend of the Daydream Flute, a flute said to open a portal to a world where the secrets of the universe are obtainable, where the very concept of reality is questioned. However, according to the same legend, this flute was hidden centuries ago by the original one, in a dimension completely separate from time and space. The dimension many people access when they go to sleep at night, but never are able to fully explore. The dimension of dreams.

Just when Team Lucid begins to unravel the mystery of the Daydream Flute, a 14 year old gets their first Pokémon in Aubranch Town. Little did this teenager know, they would be destined to go on the journey of their dreams, figuratively and literally.

  • All new region!
  • Epic storyline!
  • Fire Red tiles (because a beautiful game can still be made with FR tiles)
  • Day and Night system!
  • Multiple rivals!
  • 3 different endings!
  • New sprites!
  • New music!



Team Members
  • SK3: Founder, mapping, scripting, music, storyline, etc
  • RedFan: Mapping
  • dreamengine: Spriting
  • MIDIMasterShiro: Music and music insertion
  • JillSandwich93: Music
  • JingoChip: Music
  • Neti (Tiles)
  • xXRichie (tiles)
  • Kitsunemeido ( Art/Designing
  • Nintendork15 (OW Sprites)
  • dudedude1/Speedster: General advice, helping me out and being a good friend, plus made a titlescreen for us
  • Ęℓαчиıı: Banner

  • If I left you out, please tell me! I want to credit everybody that has helped out!


  • I restarted this hack, to make it more enjoyable, but since progress started from scratch, I don't expect the beta to be released until late this year/early next year.
  • The secret endings I talked about will be elaborated on earlier, two will be available when the game is finished and the super secret ending will be available to the first 30 people to beat the entire game when it's finished.
  • We do need some help with production, if you are interested please PM or VM me, or post on our thread in Team Discussions.

Daydream White version

Want to help out? Just PM or VM me!

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