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Originally Posted by movieguy12 View Post
I'm 25 big Pokemon fan since I was 12ish? Lol honestly team rocket needs to go, add better villains and story arcs. Maybe one of the other "teams" from the other games. Also ash def needs to age, I get the whole young kid fan base blah blah but as someone mentioned I don't think kids today will care. Also he is very dumb and horrible this season very disappointed. Pikachu being beaten by a lvl 5 snivy is insane he at least a lvl 10,000 (sarcasm) (maybe) lol. If anything make a adult version or let's see some actual age changes also I'm tired of him tip toeing around the lea females just date one already! I like him switching to new pokemon but it would be nice to see his old ones more often! That's just my opinions.
> Team Rocket hasn't really been viable as a threat, all they have been doing for the first four generations for more or less is setting up as a comic relief. I think the show can find other sources of comic relief that don't involve Team Rocket it. If Team Rocket keeps repeating what they have been doing and is just the same annoying team episode in and out then I agree be done with them already. But if they keep it fresh like they have, and actually add something different to the mix then I think we can have something going for them. Too me they just need to space out their appearances, I think appearing in about every episode like they used to is not the right way to go.

> I don't see why the kids should care either. Maybe the writers feel if they advance him that some kids would miss out on his begins or his noob stages. Well if they want to so that then just watch previous sagas.

> If anything the defeat also goes along with the writers unwillingness to change in that aspect.

> They probably just want to leave some of his stuff such as relationships up to Shipping. Or at least not go in a great deal into the human/human relationships in the show.

> They generally do show his older pokemon in the Regional tournament, so me that is adequate enough. Every generation and the pokemon there need their time to shine so the lack of older ones is a good way to do that until either later on or Filler arc like Battle Frontier.

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