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So Tepig / Sewaddle / Solosis + three others?

Well tbh, I'd go with Sandile due to having the extra dark typing, to help out your future Emboar which is otherwise weak to psychic (to switch in on, that is) while to cover water and being a ghost (so you can spinblock in case you want to use this in wifi or something), Jellicent (Frillish but yeah).

This would have ground/ghost/water/dark/fighting/fire/grass/bug/psychic covered, though I think maybe Chandelure could be better for you than Emboar, since it can have Flash Fire, absorbing all the fire attacks that Swadloon doesn't really want and for fighting you could have Mienshao, Throh or one of the musketeers (since Scrafty is weak to fighting and you already have Krookodile for dark anyway).

But yeah, those are just my thoughts. You can probably get better feedback/thoughts if you also posted what movesets you're interested in using and we could help you from there. :)

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