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Originally Posted by V. Squirtle View Post
The only things holding this hack back from being perfect are glitches, and I'm willing to try and make it perfect. I just patched a fresh one so I can work on it. Do you still have the sprites or any other files I may need for it? I think that if I put a lot of effort into it, I can really fix it up nicely.

Also, I was thinking of adding a few extras, besides just fixing it up in general. Like the e4 and champion overworld sprites, the title screen, extra areas (Such as adding new areas where it's just blocked off and nothing's there), And maybe some secret trainer-filled rooms hidden very well for after the game. (Filled with trainers packed with all level 100's?) I want to clean it up and add some extras, but I want to make sure it's still the same, unchanged game. I figure that I should probably add you, if that's okay, and we can talk it out from there.
I have all the sprites and most of the scripts all backed up somewhere. Also, those blocked-off areas you mentioned? I know what's behind each and every one of them; I always plan secret rooms before even working out the next bit of the storyline. It'd be really easy to add them, if someone were kind enough to fix the rest of Snakewood well enough to make it worth it.

Sigh. It's infuriating, really - I'm now perfectly capable of making a decent hack without glitches, but I still have no idea how to solve ones that are already there. I suppose I can't work backwards.

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