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Originally Posted by Kasek View Post
i did but the sheet that has all the over worlds, when i load it into rpg maker xp the selection box is far to big
I already pretty much spoon fed you the information on how to compile them properly. You're meant to set up the image to have blocks that are 32X32 pixels each forming 4 rows and columns. That doesn't mean, resize the whole image to 32X32 it means you need to form squares aligned in that formation and size. The standard image size itself should be 128X128. You need to place each frame of that sprite within each of the 32X32 blocks within the image. If the frame is too big for each block you need to step up the scaling factor of that block i.e scale factor 2 changes the block size from 32X32 to 64X64. This then results in the image size also being increased to 256X256. That way if the frame of the sprite fits inside that block you only need to centre it. Heck, I'll even provide a base image if it's too hard to follow the steps.
Background colour of blue is just a transparency colour. blacks lines need to be changed to the transparency colour after the sprites are aligned.
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