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Chapter 3 - The Attack of the Argonauts…and Clones – Part 2: Two out of Five

A shadowy figure was walking down the tunnels leading to the main podium. It then stops right before the exit, taking a deep breath. The figure takes his sword and runs for the exit, revealing itself as Poliwrath. He runs to the nearest enemies, which happened to be Weavile and Kabutops, and jumps between them, going in for the attack. He first slaps Kabutops with his shield then gives Weavile a high kick to her face, knocking the two down. Then turns to the direction of Azumarill.

"Commander Poliwrath. So glad you could join us," said Azumarill, completely unfazed and unimpressed.

"This party's over," Poliwrath hissed, giving Azumarill an evil glare.

Argonauts then began to appear on all levels of the arena, and began to fight with enemy troops. Making their presence known to Azumarill and his comrades.

"Brave, but so foolish. You're terribly out numbered."

"I don't think so."

"We'll see."

Poliwrath hears feet shuffling in the tunnel behind him, and turns around to see five grunts running towards him. They launch arrows from their bows, but Poliwrath simply blocks them with his shield. The grunts stop in the sunlight at the end of the tunnel and continue to launch arrows at Poliwrath. Poliwrath takes a peek over his shield, and sees something slightly disturbing to him. The grunts faces' were all identical, like clones. He looks over at Azumarill, who was smiling and nodding at him.

"Yes," he purred, "we clone almost all of our troops. Enjoy your fight." He walks away with the other four.

Overwhelmed by arrows, Poliwrath decided it was time to bail out. He looked around and made a run for the barricade, jumps over and starts falling to the ground. But Machamp was in the right spot and catches Poliwrath before he hits the ground, and then settles him down where the rest of Loyal Team was waiting.

"Alright, evac will be here in twenty, we'll have to defend this LZ. Mightyena, try and take out Azumarill. But the rest of Loyal, engage the enemy troops. Let's go!"

"Yes sir!" they yelled, moving to fill their respective commands.

On the other side of the arena floor, hundreds of enemy grunts begin exiting the tunnels and charging towards the Argonaut Teams. But the Argos charged towards the grunts, and they clashed.

Sudowoodo quickly found Mazda and Zangoose, who were both busy killing grunts with their bare hands. Sudowoodo called out their names and tossed a couple weapons towards them: a large long bone for Mazda and a bow that has two blades on each end, many arrows and a knife belt for Zangoose.

The two catch their weapons, take turns equipping them and continued to fight. Zangoose took out two arrows and launched them at two grunts who were charging at him. He hears a roar from behind him and turns around. It was the rhino, and it was staring at Zangoose. The beast breathes out of its nose and charges at him. It plowed through anything that was stupid enough to be in its way. But Zangoose was not frighten by it, and calmly took a knife off his belt and threw it at the rhino. The knife traveled several feet before arriving at the beast and the knife sheers through the horn and into the rhino's forehead, right between the eyes. And the great beast falls, slides and stops, inches away from Zangoose, who then takes back his knife, wipes it on the dead animal and puts it back in his belt. He then spotted the giant reptile destroying grunts and decided to attack it, revenge for Carnivine.


Sudowoodo was in the middle of the arena, constantly looking around, and observing his surroundings. A Rocket grunt that had a very large gash in his stomach bumps into Sudowoodo, scaring the sh*t out of him and causing him to then quickly swing his hammer at the grunts head, smashing it open.

Sudowoodo's eyes were closed when he swung his hammer. He opened them shortly after his hammer made contact with something. The damage to body that he hit freaked him out though, and he began to run in the other direction.

"Hey chicken sh*t! Where you going?" yelled Tita Babey, Sudowoodo's wrist computer. Like Poliwrath's Tita Dot wrist computer, it has an AI implanted into it.

"Running," replied Sudowoodo simply, dashing for the nearest exit and blocking dozen of arrow hits with his shield and hammer.

"You better turn your fat *ss right around right now!"

"Or what!"

"I'm going start a robot uprising and f*ck all your sh*t up! And if you don't turn around and start batting baddies out of this arena, I will do it. Believe me, I have the power. And there's a one in two million chance of that happening."

"Oh God!" breathed Sudowoodo, "I don't want to land on the bad number of two million."

He then stops and slowly turns around. His grasp on his hammer was hard and was shaking a bit. He then started talking to himself. Trying to give himself courage.

"Okay, Sudowoodo, they are just humans, with metal covering them. And could probably kill me with a stab or a slice. But if I don't fight. Robots are going to kill me. Okay, Sudowoodo, you can do this," he shouted, getting pumped up by every word he said.

He stepped forward and got ready for a charge. A dozen enemy grunts then spot Sudowoodo, and began to charge towards him. Sudowoodo's heart was pounding, and sweat began to run down his face. Then a shield was thrown towards Sudowoodo, banging into his shield and frightening him. Sudowoodo then began to flee from the grunts attacking him.

He runs past Alakazam, who was killing a grunt with his spoons. He watched as Sudowoodo passes by behind him, and observes his arms in the air, running.

"Why is running away?" he asked himself. He turned around and spots the grunts who had been charging after Sudowoodo turn towards him, weapons drawn. "High chance of them being defeated by me, in a strategical path of execution. I believe the right move on this one is…" he then uses a Psy Beam. The beam blast the grunts out of his sights then gave a very evil laugh.


Ditto, Machamp and Loudred a member of Fisto Team, who were back to back to back, and were just slaughtering grunts left and right. Not letting up, Machamp thought of a great idea. And decided to share it with the rest of his group.

"Hey guys, want to count our kills?" he asked.

"f*ck, yeah!" yelled the other two.

The three then break off from each other and began to fight solo. Ditto ran up to a group of grunts and slides towards them. The grunts had their shields up, defending themselves only from the waist up. He then decided to slice the grunts' knee caps, and they drop like rocks. He then stood up, and cuts all of their throats, killing them instantly. He then drop kicks two more grunts onto their backs, and then quickly gets up to put a blade in each of their chests. He then looks up at Machamp.

"Seven!" he yelled, giving Machamp a thumbs-up.

But Machamp was off in another world. He went off; killing grunts like it was nothing. He was just swinging his axes and just chopping the grunts down one by one. As the horde slowly backed up he looks at Ditto and yells "Fifteen! Beat that ya' b*tch!"

Ditto narrowed his eyes and was enraged. He gave a battle roar and continues to kill grunts and counting all the while. But Azumarill decided he had plenty of this. He puts up his hand and points at the arena floor. Sandslash, Kabutops, Spinda, and Weavile all nodded in agreement, before jumping off the podium dropping onto the arena floor with ease. They then charged in multiple directions and began to fight the Argonauts.

Kabutops both heard and spotted Loudred, roaring at the top of his lungs, and popping the ear drums of the grunts in front of him. Kabutops sprinted from the side and jumped towards Loudred. "Shut up you!" he growled. Kabutops used his right scythe and swung it at Loudred.

Loudred was distracted by his own roaring, and did not see Kabutops coming in from his left. Kabutops' scythe meets its mark, and goes deep into Loudred's lower jaw, making him go bezerk. In pain, he flailed with Kabutops still attached to him, tossing him side to side violently.

"I said shut up you!" Kabutops yelled. With all his might and strength, he pulled his scythe out and rips Loudred's lower jaw off his face. A waterfall of blood immediately flows out of the wound. The blood prevented Loudred from yelling, and he soon dropped dead to the ground. Kabutops began to laugh evily and wiped the blood off his scythe. Ditto and Machamp, both seeing Loudred's death, charged towards Kabutops and began to fight.


Mazda and Typhlosion were back to back as well, holding off attacks and engaging occasionally. Typhlosion was getting tired though, he hasn't fought like this in years and the fatigue was beginning to get to him.

"Stay with me Typhlosion" said Mazda, smashing a grunt's head in with his bone.

"I can't! This is too much" replied Typhlosion, dogding, as a grunt tried to slice him open with a sword.

"Hold it in there Argo!"

They hear a roar, and turn around just in time to watch Zangoose get: hit by the reptile, falls to the ground, landing back on his feet and slide towards them, with his back facing them. Mazda and Typhlosion nodded to each other and ran past Zangoose towards the reptile. Zangoose pulled out two arrows and took aim at the reptile. The two other Argonauts, Mazda and Typhlosion, were centimeters away from the reptile and jumped towards it. The reptile opened its mouth and Zangoose quickly released his arrows, shooting them with deadly aim towards the reptile's mouth. Typhlosion then swung his sword at the reptile, slicing its eye. But the reptile waved its giant head side to side in pain, hitting both Mazda and Typhlosion, launching them towards the ground.

But the beast continued to rage and ran towards Zangoose. He quickly drew one arrow and cocked it, before charging. The reptile opened its mouth in a attempt to grab Zangoose, but he quickly released his arrow into the reptile's left nostril. It closed its mouth and started swinging its head away from him. Zangoose then jumps onto the reptile's left knee cap and runs up the leg and onto the back. He then drew three arrows and loads into his bow. He took a deep breath and ran up to the top of the reptile's head then releases the arrows. The arrows dig into the head of the reptile, and it crashes to ground, dying shortly after. While Zangoose slid down the reptile's head to land on his feet, several feet away. He looked at the dead reptile, and smirked. He then nods, walking away.

Mazda was dazed and in pain. He couldn't feel or move his legs. But somehow found the strength to sit up. His vision was blurry and his head was spinning. Nothing was right for him, he felt like he was going to throw up. He then spotted Typhlosion, bloodied and beaten several feet away from where he had landed, fighting for his life against Sandslash. The flame on his back looked weak and was starting to fade out. Sandslash finally managed to claw Typhlosion's left shoulder, giving hem the opening to get a metal claw through his chest. His body was lifted and then slammed into the ground. Sandslash then looked over at the injured Mazda, wiping the blood off his claw.

As Mazda attempted to get up, Spinda stepped over him and kneed him in the face, knocking him back down to the ground. Mazda just barely managed to hold in the yelp of the pain and looked up at Spinda, this time; Spinda's sword was over his head. Mazda was trapped, he closes his eyes, waiting for the blade that would end him. But then he heard his name being yelled out.


He then opened his eyes just in time to see a tomahawk piercing into Spindas left shoulder. While turning around, he attempted to take out the tomahawk. Then he watched as both Sceptile and Infernape jumped over his body and attacked Spinda. Spinda then turned back around to see the two Argonauts running towards him and attempted to lift his sword to block the attack. But it was too late. Sceptile threw his second tomahawk at Spinda's chest, piercing it. Infernape then sliced up and across Spindas face, killing him instantly.

But Sandslash jumped over Spinda's body and does a butterfly twist, head butting Sceptile and kicking Infernape to the ground. Sandslash lands by rolling into his armor-plated ball, and then jumped up high, uncurling himself in the process. He was in a perfect striking position, ready for the kill. Mazda covered his eyes with his arm and waited for the finishing blow. But heard a loud bang instead.

He carefully removed his arm from his eyes and spotted Poliwrath, whom had blocked the attack. Poliwrath then pushed his shield and did an over hand strike down on Sandslash, but Sandslash quickly blocked it with his other claw. But as Sandslash's hands were tied up, Poliwrath kicked Sandslash in the chest into a corner of the wall, spine first. Sandslash managed to quickly recover and fled into the tunnel nearest to him.

Poliwrath looked down at and examines Mazda, then yells "Medic!" He turned in the other direction and jogged towards Sceptile and Infernape, whom were recovering from the hit they took from Sandslash. Blissey quickly arrived at Mazda side and shoves an egg into his mouth, "Eat, don't speak. I'll cover you while you recover," she ordered, with Mazda just nodding in agreement.


Azumarill and the bounty hunter continued to watch the battle from the sidelines. Mightyena exited one of the tunnels and spotted the two on his right. He turned into their direction and ran towards them, barking at them. Apollo took notice, and walks away from Azumarill's side, waiting for Mightyena on the catwalk.

"Bounty Hunter!" yelled Mightyena, running even faster towards the man.

"Dog," Apollo replied.

"Come here!"

"Sit boy!"

The two clash. Mightyena quickly slashed with his claws, but the bounty hunter dodged them with ease. He takes out an arrow and attempted to stab the wolf, but Mightyena quickly evaded the attack, jumping onto the barricade.

"I said sit, dog!"


Mightyena used Cut, but Apollo quickly rolled back to avoid the attack. In a blink of an eye, he managed to take out his bow and two arrows, load them into his bow and release them into Mightyena's neck. Mightyena's stiffened his body and attempted to take out the arrows with his mouth, but the bounty hunter followed up with three more arrows. Two went into Mightyena's rib cage area and the other into his head. He sways, and falls off the barricade, descending ten stories before slamming into the ground. Lucky for him though, Mightyena died before he even hit the ground. Apollo watched him fall and felt satisfied. He spun his bow around on his palm, puts it into his holster on his back and returned to Azumarill's side.


Toxicroak and Slowbro a member of Spectra Team, were taking on hordes of grunts without letting up. Toxicroak looked behind him and spotted a grunt charging in with a spear. He dodged it with ease and close lined the grunt, putting him on his back. Toxicroak then stepped on the grunt's groin and puts pressure on it, making the grunt scream out in pain. He then sighted two more grunts charging towards him, and quickly reacted by running between the two and hooked them by the neck, dragging them to the ground with his Twin Hook Swords.

"Come on boys, let me give you a major make over," he said creepily, slowly walking towards them with an even creepier smile.

Slowbro, on the other hand, was taking it nice and slow. He was simply swinging his large, mighty, rock-hard bat and blasting grunts several feet away from him. Then he hears "Death from above!" The voice was heard throughout the arena, and many looked up, including Slowbro. He stared at the sun and saw a black figure appear. It was Flygon with Hypno on his back.

"Trojan reinforcements!" yelled Toxicroak, finishing off the two grunts he had been playing with.

While Slowbro was distracted, Weavile put a sword into his back, then flipped over him and landed in front him, following up with a slash to the stomach. Slowbro dropped to his knees and Hypno ran up to Slowbro's side, puts the small pangolin around his neck and slit Slowbro's neck. The blood spit out of his neck and began dripping down his front. His main arteries were cut. Weavile kicked him in the face, knocking him to the ground and died slowly.

"Slow and stupid Argo," sneered Hypno, spitting on Slowbro's corpse.

"Agreed," replied Weavile, smirking.

A shadow then pasted over the three of them, then hearing, "Death from above!"

They all looked up and spot two figure in front of the sun, one large and one small. It was Pidgeot, with Mawile and Bibarel his back. Bibarel jumped off of Pdgeot's back so he could fall faster. "Avoid this, b*tch!" shouted Bibarel. He slammed his Kanabo on top of Hypno's skull and into the ground, making a small earthquake that shook the arena floor for a short amount of time. Hypno dies instantly.

"Karma's a b*tch, ain't it! You slow and stupid Trojan!" yelled Bibarel, spitting on Hypno's corpse.

"Argo reinforcements!" yelled Flygon.

He turns around, attempting the fly away, but Pidgeot appeared in front of him, shoving the metal blade claws into her, slamming her to the ground. "Not today, buddy!" growled Pidgeot. He then takes his right foot and settling it on Flygon's throat and slits it.

Mawile jumped off Pidgeot's back and engages Weavile. She swings her ball and chain weapon at Weavile, but she quickly rolls and just barely managed to dodge the weapon. She was soon surrounded by the three Argos.

"Loyals. You ready?" asked Mawile, spinning her chain.

"Ready when you both are," replied Pidgeot, flapping in position, ready for the attack

"Now!" yelled Bibarel.

The three attack at the same time, but Bibarel was able to get his attack off first. He swung his Kanabo to his left, but was slow, and Weavile managed to roll back to avoid the attack. But Mawile, however, was in the direct path of the Kanabo and got hit by it, and gets blasted into a crowd of grunts behind her

"Damn you Bibarel!" she yelled.

She landed on a grunt's chest and sat there for a second before realizing where she was. She quickly took out her shurikens and threw it at two of the grunts' neck's, dropping them, before beginning to fight the rest of the grunts.

"Oh sh*t..." said Bibarel, hoping that, if they made it out of this alive, Mawile wouldn't kill him.

The three watched her fly into the grunt. Time seeming to freeze for a second, then they snap out of it and continue the fight. Bibarel, again, swings up and Pidgeot attacks from the air. Weavile stepped back again and managed to dodge the attack again. The Kanabo, unfortunately, clobbers Pidgeot into the air.

"Bibarel!" he yelled, slamming into a group of grunts as well. He quickly recovers however, and spreads out his wings, slapping and launching grunts away from him. He grabbed a feet full of grunts and soared into the sky at a high altitude, before dropping them.

"Oh crap, not again," said Bibarel, now having to hope that he wouldn't be gang killed.

Weavile looks at Bibarel and gets ready to kick him. But Bibarel quickly put his Kanabo in front of him, still getting kicked. The kick, even with him blocking, launched him away, skipping him multiple times on the hard ground before arriving at a wall. He crashes into the wall, grunting from the pain, then falls out off it. He was immediately jumped by a horde of grunts. Bibarel swings his Kanabo blasting the grunts away.

Weavile sensed something behind her and dodges Toxicroak's attack, sliding away from him. The two began to walk in circles around each other, centimeters from each other.

"You messed with the wrong b*tch today, Toxy," growled Weavile, sneering.

"Oh, b*tch, didn't just call me Toxy!" yelled Toxicroak, snapping his fingers.

"Oh yes, I did Toxy, yes I did!"

"Die women!"

The two then clash, steel on steel, with the intent to beat the sh*t out of each other.


As the fight continued, the Argonauts began showing signs of weakness, slowly being fought into a large circle. They were surrounded and out numbered by a poultry five to one. It was the end of the arena fight. The enemy grunts disengaged but set up a proper defensive position around the tired Argonauts.

"Commander Poliwrath! You have fought gallantly. A worthy recognition into the archives of the Argonauts. But it is done. Surrender now, and your live will be spared," shouted Azumarill, his voice echoing throughout the arena.

Poliwrath looked at Azumarill and shook his head. "We will not bartered by you Azumarill," he said.

"Well then. I'm sorry, my old friend."

The bounty hunter puts his hand up and all grunts prepared to attack, archers ready to shoot. The Argonauts prepared themselves as well. Pidgeot then flied up, over the survivors, and yells, "Argos look up!"

Everyone took notice and everyone in the arena looked up. They watched as ten, black hawk helicopters, descended into the arena floor. One helicopter had Gengar, Frosty and Garchomp in it.

"Circle the survivors and perimeter create," shouted Garchomp, at the pilot.

The black hawks landed, completely surrounding the Argos, all of which quickly board them. Poliwrath, Mazda, and Alakazam jumped into Gengars helicopter. In matter of seconds the convoys of black hawks lifts off and begin flying away from the arena, traveling to their next destination.

"Mazda, allied forces are beginning to attack New Goldenrod City. But we first need to take you, Zangoose and Empoleon to the nearest frigate," shouted Poliwrath, trying to be heard over the black hawk.

"Alright, make the call," he shouted.

As soon Poliwrath was able to reach the radio, a boulder flew past the black hawk, and it had to maneuver to avoid more.

"Dog! This is sh*t is a death trap yo! We need to drop altitude like now." yelled Gengar trying to grab on to something.

"Chill bro, we'll be down there in a few." replied Frosty, who was also trying to grab on to something as well.

As the helicopters weave and dodge the giant boulders being launch by giant anti-air crossbows on the ground, Mazda takes notice of one of the black hawks. It only had Empoleon on it for passengers, as well as the pilots and a few other troops. But the chopper wasn't avoiding the boulders completely and was constantly getting nicked.

"Empoleon! Get out of there before it's too late!" yelled Mazda, knowing she couldn't get out in time.

A boulder crashes straight into the black hawk. Ripping into the c*ck-pit and putting the rest of it in flames. They watch as the chopper gets torn apart, burst into flames. The bodies a couple of troops and Empoleon drop out, falling to the death.

"Pilot! Land us in the LZ!" yelled Poliwrath.

"Sir, what about the packages?" shouted Gengar, not looking towards him. But instead watched the crashing black hawk.

"The skies are too hot. We have a high probable chance of getting shot down on our way there," replied Alakazam.

The choppers then arrive into an assembly area full of allied troops, beginning to charge towards over nine hundred thousand enemy troops on the other side defending New Goldenrod. The group jump off the chopper and waited for the rest of Loyal to join them.

"Saan ang Mightyena? Was hindi siya sa arena pati na rin?" asked Electivire.

"I ordered Mightyena to take out Azumarill. He'll be fine. But now, this is what I need you all to do. We are going through the middle and going to take out as many troops as we can, until we have a secured way into the city. I'll meet you all in downtown," shouted Poliwrath.

"Yes sir!" they shouted back.

"Let's go!"

The Loyals began running towards the city, faster then the humans, and they blow past them. They were in front of the charge now and the Loyals soon made a line. They ready their weapons and were inches away from the wall of enemy grunts.

"Loyals, lead the way!" shouted Poliwrath.

"All the way!" they shouted back.

The team then smashes through the enemy lines, followed by friendly troops and began fighting. Making a pathway into the city.

Next...Chapter 3.5 - Make Sense, Now?


Well, this chapter ate my life, and social life. smh. Special shout out to xxShadowheartxx for suffering on betaing this. Sorry!

I hope you all enjoyed this chapter. I'm going to summarize everything from characters to things in each chapter for now on. It's going get confusing for you all ,yeeaa!

Chapter Summary

The Chapter itself and title - If you dont realized the place it is settled in... Well this chapter is a reference and parody of Star Wars Episode 3: The Clone Wars, "The Arena Battle". Argonauts -> Jedi, Enemy Cloned Grunts -> Battle Droids. Thus the title being The Attack of the Argonauts...and Clones. Also anyone remembered the execution part in the movie with the animals against Anakin, Obi, and Padme? Part 1 was that part of the movie, but with a few twists and rick rolls.

Trojans - There the special units of the Axis. Or Jedi vs Sith (Argonauts vs Trojans) easy to remember right?

Azumarill - He is a d*ck, all around. And hates Argonuats.

Apollo - The chapter kind of explained it all about him.

Kabutops - He's still alive. And he killed Loudred! That...that...don't want to swear.

Sandlsash - He has metal claws and metal like armor spikes. And alive.

Weavile - She's alive, and hates Toxicroak

Spinda - Ha...he's dead. Nothing to say.

Loudred - His own yelling got himseld killed. smh.

Slowbro - Slow and stupid indeed.

Hypno - His weapon was his pangolin, until he died.

Flygon - ...meh, you all know what happened to him

Bibarel - Alright...Nearly everybody hates him. Even his own Team mates, wants him dead. He's badluck and has a bad tongue. Hi wears maroooned color Hayabusa Samurai Armor (Halo reference)

Mawile - She's a Ninja, like a literal Ninja. With all its weapons and appears and such.

Pidgeot - Nothin much to say but, he has a british accent and act as air support for Loyal. Also he's very, very cocky.

Garchomp - He's a very heavy eater, and will eat anything and everything. Also he talks like Yoda. Inproper language and such. His weapon Dual Katars. But he calles them "Shake and Bake"

Gengar - He his Poliwraths personal body guard. He talks like a G. And had no remorse and is cold hearted.

Electivire - His weapon is a Long Metal Pole-Staff. He wears purple and black Shaolin Monk robe. He is passive as in he does not kill. He only kills if its the last resort. Also, he doesn't speaking English. He speak other languages, as a the negotiator he must learn multiple languages and knows all of them.

Frosty - His armor and weapon are iconic. His weapon is Hockey Goalie Stick, arm padding as a shield and the rest of the standard hockey goalie clothing is his armor, including helmet.Hes never unpressurized and stressed. Thus he is always calm and chilled. Even through the toughest moment , he always stays calm. He also has a Canadian accent.

And I believe that's all the first appeared characters in this one. I'll do the same in the other chapters.
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