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Originally Posted by hinkage View Post
I played this for a bit, it's not too bad.

The storyline is kind of boring, though. I skipped most of it. Oak never stops talking.

The towns/cities are oddly shaped, every time I went south/north or east/west it felt like I had just gone onto a Route.

And there was a guy who hopped on the huge mart, but I don't know what he was trying to do
I don't understand where you're trying to get by all the other complaining but I can at least answer the questions above.

The storyline is more like what RPG games would have - this game isn't about pokemon as much as any other game (and I won't plan to make it a normal pokemon game either).
Anyway, the storyline may seem boring at first but it should get more exciting later. About Oak though...if you don't care to read it, do not but you'll miss the entire point about what you're supposed to do if you don't...

About towns and cities; why's that ? what's making them think you're going onto a route ? I don't get it - Gamefreak could have created maps similar to ones of my own.

I know that it looks weird that a person is trying to hop on the mart but that thing is related to the gameplay later on.

Anyway, good to hear that you still liked it

Originally Posted by MedicineMan View Post
I like it! I personally like the storyline. I'll be watching for the next beta.
Thanks !
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