Thread: FireRed hack: The Ultimate Black/White Demake!
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Thanks for doing this. I couldn't wait less to have Pokemon Black in a GBA rom. I'm brazilian, and here is SO difficult to have a Nintendo DS, DSI or 3DS, and DS emulators aren't good. I really wanna support, but i don't know how to hack. So, all i can do is cheer for you. Good Luck!
Hello. I'm a Brazilian Pokémon fan, noob at rom-hacking, disliker of pokémon saudosism (like, "FIRST GENERATION WAS BETTER YOU SUCK AND SO DOES THAT GARBAGE-LOOKING POKEMON HSYAHSYHAYSHAS"). I know problably you all left reading this signature (no, mom, i didn't go to the market yet) but it's all i have to say, folks.