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Originally Posted by personz5 View Post
nice game but i think it will be funner playing as ash since playing as leaf green and fire red characters is kinda lame
Opinions, the game. YOU like Ash. What if Desbrina likes Red better?

Some people like protagonists that are silent because they don't sound more unlikeable every time they speak... Or maybe they do, but they don't speak so it never happens.

Anyway, that's all I'm saying about that, I don't want to clutter up Desbrina's thread. Keep up the good work!

Originally Posted by desbrina View Post
hmm, i'll have another look when i get home. i don't see why the error occurs, and why it only affects certain users.

as for the text boxes, can you let me knoe a couple of ones it doees it with
Speech bubbles, like when you check your wii in your room, talk to your mom, etc.

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