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This'll be a blast!
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fdgdfjlgkjsdfgjsdfl YAAAYYYY! Finally a Dawn fan club! <3

Why you like Dawn so much?: She's simply amazing! She's super cute, very cool, determined, strong, willing, powerful, kind natured and just all-around a great person and coordinator!
Your favourite of Dawn's Pokémon: You have to ask? Pachirisu! <3 Piplup, Mamoswine and Buneary are also very close to the top of my list, but Pachirisu is far too cute not to be at the top <3
Your favourite of Dawn's outfits: Paha! I love all of her outfits, but she looks BEAUTIFUL in her princess's outfit in the episode where she gets Togekiss, and she looks adorable dressed as a slowpoke!

The dream team!