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"Good to see you too, Latias!" Latios said and hugged Latias, "How have you been?". The eon Pokémon glanced at the fainted kid. He was feeling a little embarassed, he picked someone who was very damaged to help him save the world from an unnecessary war. But he was sure he would be able to help this kid get over...well...whatever was wrong with him. He used his Psychic powers to move the kid to his back, where he'd be much more comfortable than on the floor.

"Well, I think we need to come up with a plan to stop this." the Eon Pokémon said as he let go of Latias, "I was almost attacked by an angry mob on my way here when I was about to explain this kid what was going on."

Meanwhile, Alan moved his head a bit, and seemed to be about to wake up again.
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