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Natalia Zaytsev - Moscow, Russia

Natalia quickly spun around at the sound of a voice, gripping her handgun tightly and grabbing the hand with her other arm. She stopped as she recognised the face, Afon had obviously made his way out of the car seeing no sign of danger. That was barely an excuse though, she had specifically told him to stay in the car. She had been sent to protect and escort him, something she couldn't do if he didn't do what she told him to do. He would be far safer in a sturdy car rather than in the open if those two men suddenly decided to come back (something told Natalia that was unlikely. They would have killed her already if that was their intentions, there had been plenty of opportunities), unless of course one of them men was armed with an Atlantean power of pyrokinesis. Then he would be safer behind Natalia so she could act as a shield or pull him underground if need be. Still, she knew herself that Atlanteans powers were unique and the current pyrokinetic had disappeared off the radar and was nowhere to be found. 

"I told you to stay in the car!" she frowned at him, letting go of his arm and lowering her weapon. She was appreciative of his sympathy though, and her voice smoothed as she continued. "Yes. I knew two of the men here. We were friends." She let another sigh slip out before she shook her head hastily. "Now is not the time to be sad. We have to get moving before they send reinforcements or come to make sure the job is done. Let's go." 

Natalia gripped Afon's shoulder and led him back to the car, motioning to the passenger side as she slippers into the driver's seat. Her phone rang almost immediately after she started the car and she quickly tapped the answer button. 


"Natalia! Did you get Moruyev's message?"

"They're dead. There all dead. I don't know what happened exactly but all I know is that what we feared was true," Natalia started the ignition, did a u-turn and left the woods by the way she came. "Annie, you'll need to send an investigative team out there to retrieve the bodies. I didn't have time to properly check them to see what happened."

"Okay... Okay, we're short of man power at the moment but I'll see who I can get. How did you know they were Atlantean?"

"I saw two men teleporting just as I got there."

Annie swore loudly in English, then sighed. Natalia let her have her moment of silence, she knew that Annie had known Andrey and Sebastian as well as she did. With another sigh, Annie continued in Russian. "I'll need you to start heading West. Is Nikolai still with you? Is he okay?"


"Okay, West. Towards Germany. Camilla was meant to head that way after she had picked up Ludmilla."


"Oh, you weren't there for that meeting. A new recruit in Spain. Ludmilla Caruso. So yeah, keep heading West, I'll send you details of some kind of transportation soon," Annie sounded strained, as if this was just another thing to add to a long list of things to do. Natalia didn't doubt that if it was true. 

"Thank you, Annie."



"Stay safe," Natalia reached over and clicked the end call button. She sighed again quite wearily, something she had done a lot today and turned to Nikolai, letting a comforting smile through. Hopefully none of this commotion would scare him off. 

"Can you speak German?"
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