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5000 Icefall Cave Encounters. Hopefully I'm more than halfway there!

For all you Masuda hatchers out there, someone on another site posted something you might find pretty useful. Put a Volcarona at the front of your party as the Pokemon you have with you while you hatch eggs. Not only does it have Flame Body to half the number of steps it takes to hatch, but it can also learn Fly, so you can go to a place like Skyarrow Bridge to hatch faster! It sounded like a pretty good idea to me.

Originally Posted by MrKyurem View Post
all I ecounter in DS Tower floor 2 is Golett, will they chain?
Chaining is a little different: it's when you use the Pokeradar in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum to have certain grass tiles shake. If you do it correctly (which is very difficult, but you can learn it over time), you'll keep seeing the same Pokemon over and over again. With each Pokemon, the chances of a shiny gets better and better - it starts off at 1/8192, then goes to 1/7992, then 1/7792, etc., until the chances are about 1/200.

In Black and White, there is no Pokeradar, so the probability won't change even if you encounter multiple Golurk in a row. Still, keep going for them! Don't giv-

Originally Posted by MrKyurem View Post
Going to get a shiny Pacharisu via Masuda Method. Wish me good luck!
Oh, never mind. "lol" alright, good luck with the Pachirisu!

Originally Posted by DarkBreloom View Post
hey guys i finnaly did it shiny voltorb is mine but now its a lvl 100 electrode guess the elite four can be something other than annoying
Congrats! Next time, try raising your shinies to level 100 in the wild instead of against the Elite Four; you'll be able to shiny hunt and raise it at the same time! :cer_wink:

Originally Posted by DarkBreloom View Post
next is the shinyy shinx, and starly .oh does snover count for the december quest
Yes! Snover could count either for one of the Ice-types or for the Holiday one; he looks like a Christmas tree!

Also, if you were the one who made the last post in the thread and no one else has posted since your last one, could you please edit your first one instead of making a new one?

Oh, and Latios Master, if you wanted to continue your Litwick hunt, he'd count for December Quest as well. Menorah Litwick FTW!
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