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Originally Posted by Wymsical View Post
@Drunk: I disagree with your first point, who said anything about a tournament? I don't like it. Because it's stupid that right after eradicating an evil bunch after a huge war, things can just go back to normal really quick and a tournament can begin.

I also disagree with your second point. This RP(s) is about a war between the regions caused by the treachery of five different teams working together. Each RP features a group named 'The Protectors' setting out to reveal the team that is respective to their region's plot. (Example, Unova Protectors bust Team Plasma, Hoenn Protectors bust Team Magma/Aqua) So it isn't really THAT much of a Journey RP, actually I don't know what to call it.

As for the rest of your points, you're completely reshaping what we've been working on, and I frankly don't support the idea.

Just trying to be professional here.
"Who said anything about a tournament?" . . . *Raises hand*

Oooookay, this is what I had been thinking:
This wasn't set in stone, but the idea was that tensions were rising between the regions. The threat of civil war is looming over the regions, but the war has NOT started yet. It is the duty of the RPers (um . . . I think we can just call them Trainers, rather than "The Protectors") to uncover the plot of the evil teams and prove that it was them, not the opposing regions, that have been causing problems, which ends the war before it can begin.
As for the sequel . . . this may spoil something (maybe, maybe not) but I had planned for the remains of the broken up teams to reform into Team Midnight (see The Lost Islands League) and for the RPers to be invited to partake in the tournament since they had proved themselves to be such great trainers. Due to the tournament rules, they'd be forced to leav their previous Pokemon behind and restart with three "Lost Pokemon" which will be provided upon their arrival. Also, the islands are in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, so they're quite a ways away from the other regions, so the tensions of that war never really reached the islands.

As for three RPers per region . . . er . . . well, I don't know if that's enough, but I guess it'd be alright. If GMs choose to participate, they will not count towards these three.

Oh, and a big no no to Arceus being the main plot device. Too cliche. Although . . . hm . . . if it comes down to that, I guess we could use him for that role.

I love how much discussion my idea has brought~! :3

@Skyming - You . . . are insane. Completely. xD
That . . . sounds like an interesting thing to do, though. xP

And as far as Theme Songs go, I . . . well, I do like them, but I don't like being required to add them, lol.
Like Skymin said, I sometimes build my characters around a song, or sometimes I just . . . well, that's about it, actually, lol. Other times I just find a song that fits my character. :3


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