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Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
Firstly, I'd just like to say kudos on your use of the word "mashed potatoes" in a sentence about religion XD

Secondly, one of the biggest things that annoy me is when they say "It's all part of God's plan" or "God works in mysterious ways". In any debate, that is the flimsiest excuse of an argument and there's no way you can even argue against it because it's simply that stupid. How convenient that God is allowing Ethiopians to die in poverty because it's all part of his mysterious plan...
You totally know that every religious argument is better with mashed potatoes. Seriously, it is, once me and my grandfather, who is Eastern Orthodox but an amazing guy and so fun to discuss religion with, were in an agument and when things got heated he threw mashed potatoes at me, and then I threw stuffing and then more potatoes, and next thing we know the entire family is having a food fight.

And I so agree on that one. One that always gets me is the circular Bible logic, or the CHRISTIANITY IS THE ONLY RELIGION RAWWR people. Also known as those who talk as if no other religion exists or is relevant. Or ones who think they know everything and start quoting the Bible and then I counter quote and they yell at me saying I can't do that and to use my own words. Leaving me going "butbutbutbutyousaidyoubutIbutyoubut-SUCK IT".


Also since I joined a while ago, and I don't expect people to go that far back, here's my story:

I was raised Roman Catholic, went to Catholic school since K, decided I was atheist around maybe my sophomore year of high school. A lot of crap had happened that made me question religion, and the more I questioned the less sense it made. But when I say I was Catholic, I mean it, I was an alter server, I was in the choir when I wasn't on the alter. Went to mass five times a week, (serious, every Friday with school, then two masses Saturday and two on Sunday since I was one of two altar servers) I was even a youth group leader and lead Bible classes.

I went to private catholic school since I was in kindergarten. (Graduated from a school of the LaSallian rite, taught by Christian Brothers) (graduated in 2009) Which meant I took a minimum of two theology classes a year in elementary and middle school, in high school a minimum of four (two a semester), aside from a life of religion. That's thirteen years of uniforms and cramming Christian dogma down my throat. Two relatives are priests, my grandfather is a respected member of the Eastern Orthodox Church, and one of my best friends is joining the priesthood; my grandparents even run a food shelf "Trinity Mission" which I am still a part of. I was an server for twelve years, received four of the seven sacraments (Baptism, Eucharist, Confession, and, sadly, Confirmation). I also took a theology class in college as well as three philisophy classes... I've also taken a World Religions course (Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, and Judaism)((that one was actually taught at my Catholic high school... they removed the class soon after... guess why)) and a in-depth class on the Catechism of the Catholic Church. My move to atheism was hardly an uneducatd decision.

I had always doubted. The more classes and the more I learned the more I started to question. It started when my mother got cancer when I was in 7th grade. I thought what God would do this to someone? It's a question that I understand is asked quite often. The Church had no answer than "God's will". I believe that I was agnostic for most of my life, unsure of what to believe. The more questions, what I've seen, what I've lived through, they make no sense in a world with a loving God. I've lost friends to war, I saw the towers fall, my mom almost died, my best friends mom as well. I volunteer freaking everywhere I tried other religions, most in study, a few by practice but none made any sense. The last straw was when my church's priest was diagnosed with dementia and lost his mind, and the new priest was amazingly corrupt, and an alcholic to boot. The old priest was a good man, a man worthy of respect. Now he doesn't know who he is anymore. The last mass I ever served was one he attended nine months after being diagnosed. He couldn't follow mass anymore. He would stand, and yell at the nurse with him that he wanted to leave because he was scared. He became aggitated and hit her. I almost cried when I saw this. I was really close to that priest and to see him like this. Such a good man and a man of great faith, how could his god allow that? And this new priest was power hungry. Within two years he basically took over the Diocese, becoming the main priest for four churches. He was cruel and cared only for himself. Not only that but he told me, after twelve, almost thirteen years of service, that I could no longer be an alter server (note for those who aren't Catholic, there are ADULT servers) because I was female.

All of this lead to me deciding that there was no god, and yet I still am researching religion because I find it interesting.