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Alan heard Adriane say something like "At least we have one sane newbie.". This made him feel really bad, considering his mother was going to send him away to an asylum.

"I'm Spike. You know, fainting really isn't nice to strangers you meet. It can show what kind of person you are." Spike then said to Alan, making him look down in embarassment. He knew passing out wasn't exactly a way to say hi, but, then again, Alan was way damaged. And according to what Latios told him, that Spike kid wasn't captured by the Mewtwo and his crew, like he did.

"Y-you d-don't understand..." Alan said in a barely audible voice. He waited for a moment when nobody was paying attention to him to make himself scarce, but he couldn't take it any more and just ran out of the room.

"Alan! What are you doing?" Latios said as he chased after Alan, "Come back here!"

When the Eon Pokémon finally caught up to Alan, he was curled up in a ball, against one of the walls in an empty room. The boy noticed the Eon Pokémon was with him, "Y-you sh-should have never p-picked me up..." the boy cried in a low voice.
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