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Originally Posted by Wymsical View Post
You know, I'm starting to rethink this whole RP for each region thing. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea after all. It's too much work.

@RHCP: Ah, now I see. Yeah, we wouldn't be able to use Foreigners when you've already got plans for it. So much for Epihpanys
Ah, yes, but the great things never come so easily, do they?
Then again, if it was an idea of mine . . . there's no way it can turn out good. OH WELL, LET'S TRY ANYWAYS!! :D

How do you find and choose the songs for your character playlists?
I . . . tend to choose some random song that I think fits my character, usually from the many songs I have on my phone. Then again, I haven't come up with too many theme songs for my characters. I know my most recent character I kinda got some inspiration for from a song (a few songs, but one in particular) so I added that to the SU. (Shun from *Foreigners in case you were wondering. :P)

Something completely unrelated to RPing: You guys see that Modern Warfare 3 beat Avatar for fastest selling game/movie/whatever ever? I'm disgusted >:C


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