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5100 Icefall Cave encounters. My goal was going to be 24,576 encounters for the month, but it looks like I won't come anywhere close to that. :/

Quote originally posted by andrei0310:
i wanted to join the Shiny Hunters Club and well i love shiny's cuz well.. theyre shiny and theyre very rare and i dream on cathing every single Kanto pokemon shiny Im up to Spearow up to over 200 eggs but no luck still i will not give up!! wish me luck


No. I refuse to accept you into the club. Good luck on your Kanto Quest, though.

The reason I can't accept you is because you're already a member! :cer_laugh:

Quote originally posted by andrei0310:
Hello i was wondering if i can join the Shiny Hunters Club i lovve shinies and i found this club
AWESOMe so can i join?

Quote originally posted by G-Money:
Sure! We merged the new thread with the original club, so you're already a member! Glad to have you back!

Quote originally posted by andrei0310:
umm i thought i was a part of this i asked G money even said welcome to the club but i asked to add this acount instead of adrekel153 HELP!!!

Quote originally posted by G-Money:
Don't worry, ... You're definitely a member of the club (and not adrekel153).

Oh, and do you have every Pokemon in the Kanto Dex up to Spearow (Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Caterpie, etc.) shiny!? O.o If so, that's really awesome!

Quote originally posted by Lake of Retro:
Hey all!

I was in this Club this year around July-August and then went inactive until now, I had been busy with school and exams but they're all now over!


By the way, can someone tell me what the Pokemon are for the December challenge? Cheers.

Welcome back, Lake of Retro!! Glad your schoolwork is out of the way. Good luck on Ponyta!

MetalMario's still around, although he hasn't posted in a couple of weeks.

For the December Challenge, you need to catch 2 Ice-type shinies and any other shiny of your choice that relates to a Winter Holiday! You can do them in any order and you have until 11:59 PM on December 31st. No one has gotten a shiny for the contest yet, so feel free to join! You have as good a shot to win as anybody.

Quote originally posted by Sammy_Poké:
Hi all,

I would like to join the shiny hunters club as I am an avid shiny hunter

Welcome to the club! Don't give up on Snivy - keep going! You'll get it!

Quote originally posted by Keruso:
Im still around, though my hunting has waned a bit....
... actually, i think it's because of when the Forum-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named decided to .......remove me for reasons of their own sometime in September (or August.....dont remember)

Let's reverse that effect then, eh? There's actually a new website that just started that specializes in shiny competitions and races. PM me if you want the link, and hopefully it will give you more motivation to hunt.

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