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Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post
I like the Arceus plate idea. That's that.

Also, a surge in journey RPs doesn't necessarily mean that there are suddenly too many of those. They have a limit to the number of players, don't they? Thus, there are probably some people who still haven't joined a journey RP but might like to try it.

The "region reviving competition" idea is starting to tire me though... in my RP, it's mostly a way to spice up things by letting the trainers start with two already pretty strong pokémon that have bonded well with their trainer. And a reason for the characters to go around and interact and meet bad guys, of course :3 But a RP like this needs some kind of subplot that perhaps eventually becomes the main plot...
You likey Arceus Plates? Hm . . . erm . . . we could still integrate those . . . um . . . once we figure out what we're actually going to do, lol.
Ooooooooooooooh, maybe the Arceus Plates are needed to um . . . well, summon Arceus (or at least his powers) and restore the world to its former glory, if we take things to the extreme of "The Great War" that Blaziken15 just described. That way we can be in a world that is kind of . . . wrecked, but the RPers end up restoring it or something in the . . . actually, in the sequel, as what you mentioned was there only being a certain number of plates in each region. 3 RPers = 3 Plates. That's 15 plates, and the final one could be in the sequel?

"Region Reviving Competition" . . . why am I not sure what you're talking baout? Lol xD
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