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@Skymin: I certainly wouldn't mind it. But either way it seems to be forming a plot that resembles it a little bit. That's not what i was trying to say. As long as you aren't trying to directly connect the two then I don't see why it would be a big deal.

@The Enormous RP Idea:
I know this isn't my idea, but I feel that I might as well give my two cents.
I think that Nakuzami's idea that he posted and a lot of the other ideas can be somewhat combined.

Three decades ago, the world plunged into a world war. The cause of the war can be traced back to when Arceus revealed itself to the Sinnoh region giving them his legendary plates. The other regions were enraged and envious that Arceus hadn't graced their land or settled there. These small differences only escalated as the regions began to point out more and more things that they viewed as injustice, and they all had a strong desire for the plates. They preceded to fall into full scale warfare, risking everything for the power contained by the plates. As their economies all began to plunge into recessions, and their people killed they decided to cut their losses and come to a compromise. They would distribute the plates evenly in 3's, leaving one plunged into the depths of the sea. All the while during the region's 20 year war, crime organizations began to unite under a similar goal: power over the world(#cliches). As long as they had collective power, they would each be able to maintain power over their region. After the end of the war, their power lessened and they returned to their former power. Each of them putting on a semblance of dormancy. Pokemon Leagues in each of the regions were put on hold, because the regions banned this, as they thought that their population should be focused on producing war goods, or enlisting in the military.

The leagues began to come back into existence because the regions thought that it would ease them back into cooperation. Trainers were still uncommon but it became much more popular. The regions decided to host a tournament for the top trainers in the league on a man made island, that was in the center of all the regions. An unrelated business decided to sponsor the tournament and include a cash prize for the winner. But under this innocent guise stirs evil...

This opens it up so that the trainers could have different reasons for starting in the league, some of them may need the money, or some of them might be trying to recover the plates, and some of them might be trying to save the plates from being recovered at all. <----- Good Guys.

And now I wonder why I spent my time writing that because I doubt anyone will care.

@Drunk: People can understand religions without being religious themselves. They may not believe in it though.