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Congratulations on getting moved to the showcase. Here are my comments for what you have so far:
  1. I've found the dialogue of some npcs and trainer battles to be pretty inaccurate compared to the real game. While it's a minor nitpick, it gets bad when you are travelling through virdian forest, where EVERY trainer says the same thing. It looks boring.
  2. When I enter trainer battles, the background becomes black, while in wild battles the background shows. Also, while the animations of the pokemon seem impressive at first sight, some of the frames tend to glitch out. I also find it awkward that the animations stop at a weird-looking fram every time you select a move. I personally feel that this game doesn't even need the animations.
  3. The Pewter City Gym plays the same music as the town theme from the outside, it sort of ruins the feel of the Pokemon Gym. Even worse, the gym battle with Brock played the EXACT SAME MUSIC. It didn't even play the trainer battle music. It completely wrecked the intensity of the battle, fix it.
  4. You've got some transparency issues going on with the tiles of the Pokemon Center.

This has a lot of potential, but it needs some polishing.
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