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Quote originally posted by Fireworks:
I've been thinking, and...I'm probably going to change the starters. Why? Well here are the pros and cons of having Rhyhorn, Magnemite and Spheal as starters:

  • They fit in with the Regi typings (Rock, Steel and Ice).
  • Original I guess.

  • I have to edit their stats, and I feel that stats should not be tampered with.
  • Even with the stat changes they seem way too overpowered because of their typing and movesets, which I also don't want to make to many changes to.
For the record, Spheal kinda did work as a starter in Pokemon Genesis and
I think some other hacks, but I agree with the others about editing their stats.

Why haven't I commented on this yet?So far it looks truely amazing and I hope this hack gets a beta out shortly. No pressure xD