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Originally Posted by Fireworks View Post
I've been thinking, and...I'm probably going to change the starters. Why? Well here are the pros and cons of having Rhyhorn, Magnemite and Spheal as starters:

  • They fit in with the Regi typings (Rock, Steel and Ice).
  • Original I guess.

  • I have to edit their stats, and I feel that stats should not be tampered with.
  • Even with the stat changes they seem way too overpowered because of their typing and movesets, which I also don't want to make to many changes to.
For the record, Spheal kinda did work as a starter in Pokemon Genesis and
I think some other hacks, but I agree with the others about editing their stats.

Why haven't I commented on this yet?So far it looks truely amazing and I hope this hack gets a beta out shortly. No pressure xD