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Tomorrow Im gonna be: Togepi. Okay I guess.
My parents are: Ekans. How?
Girlfriend is: Oshawott. I can actually see how this works out.
Rival: Yanmega. Are you serious!
BF: Mudkip. ...
Pet: Salamence. How exactly did I manage to catch this thing.


Tomorrow Im gonna be: Genesect. Oh yeah!
My parents are: Abra. Adopted. Definitely.
Girlfriend is: Dusknoir. Fine with me.
Rival: Rufflet. I kinda feel bad.
BF: My awesome and totally powerful Best Friend to Genesect is... Metapod.
Pet: Doduo. I can live with it.

Tomorrow Im gonna be: Pineco. No. Just. No.
My parents are: Lugia. Now I'm wondering why they picked, out of all the other 648 pokemon, a pineco to raise.
Girlfriend is: Togepi. She's okay.
Rival: Volcarona. Ya, I'm screwed.
BF: Tynamo. Yep. Definitely screwed.
Pet: Magikarp. Hey, did I tell you I'm screwed.