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Originally Posted by hbk11 View Post
I have no clue if this has been asked, but I have a problem with battling Sabrina. Yes, I know how to beat her, but the problem is she won't battle me. I forgot what I did, but I do remember going to go get Haunter. I lost, Haunter never came back, and Sabrina only says "What? You aren't strong enough to challenge me! Hehe! It wouldn't even be any fun!"
Well if you follow the anime sequence you first battle Sabrina when you win/loose against her she will still say that u are not good enough for her so that why you go to the Lavender town and befriens the haunter but when you challenge her again the Haunter disaapears which she teleports you inside her Doll world just go to where the gym was and her father will teleport you out of the doll world. then again when you enter the gym the haunter will come back and you will be the winner....
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