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Originally Posted by Totaldile View Post
Electabuzz, pidgeotto, caterpie and beedrill.

For me:

Name: Totaldile(in-game: Eevee)
Game: Black
Number of Pokemon: 6
Dex: Unova
Restrictions: No legends, no starters
Also, if a pokemon is not avaialble in my version (e.g. Reuniclus) then I will replace it with it's counterpart in my game.
Hi, i'm supposed to pick your team, right? here it is. Zebstrika, Elgyem, Frillish, Liepard, Audino, Vanilluxe. So yeah! I think you can catch all of them, tell me if you can't. Thanks!

Name: Silver Armaldo
Game: heartgold
Number of Pokemon: 6
Dex: Johto/kanto
Restrictions:No Nfe pokemon, no starters, i cannot hack or trade :l so please pick pokemon that i can catch, i would like to have my full team before the 6th gym so pokemon i can catch around then would be great. Please also no magikarp pokemon. Thanks
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