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Originally Posted by Mew~ View Post
I suppose "The Black Hero" may refer to Zekrom. Maybe something to do with the Dark Stone. It's a little strange though, seeing as it seems, this could be set in the desert resort, but then how exactly did they get there?

I can't wait to see some Cohagrigus action. :3
I could see the Dark Stone, but then again we already did see Zekrom so it would make it kind of hard to say well he's Zekrom that you already met. Yeah and it leads me to believe they are back in the Desert area.

Originally Posted by AshPikastar View Post
It's about time, hopefully Team Plasma will appear in this episode as well as Zekrom. We haven't seen Zekrom since episode 1 so this would be great if this happens. I'm really looking forward for this episode to come out.
I hope this is a Team Plasma episode. We need them to show up for sure. I am hoping Black Hero references to N and he has control of Zekrom and the White Hero ends up being Ash that will have control of Reshiram later on. Kind of hard to say with no summary for awhile.

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