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Originally Posted by Houndoomed View Post
Sorry, that wasnt very clear, I have all of them spread over all my games, so everyone gets some game time regularly. And yes Always Houndoom First lol

Nice work there, then I will change it every morning to the next pokemon and so on, then the cycle shall repeat again. As for the story......

Long ago, there was a village of dark type pokemon near a mountain. The pokemon lived peacefully there until, many wildfires started breaking out and lightning kept on striking the village causing many house and feilds to be destroyed. They kept on repairing the feilds and the houses but they kept on getting worse each time. They didn't know what to do but one day a group of pokemon from their village formed an exploration team to find and stop the cause of this. The leader being a Bisharp, who's battle scars have shown he has been an experienced fighter. They explored near the village, outside the village, on the outskirts, and even wandered out the mountain's pathway into other villages. They had no clue where the problem had arisen or what caused such a disaster. One day, however, one of their exploration's members had found a clue that would send the village into panic. The Sableye, who found the clue, informed the team that there had been a legendary pokemon spotted around their village's mountain. The legendary was in rage, yet nobody knew why it was angered. They set off to the top of the mountain, the only place they haven't explored yet.